February 2, 2017
Content Marketing Statistics And Trends – 2017 Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]
Martina Stričak

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Beginning of the year, a perfect time to share some stats that back up the increasing trend of content marketing popularity. And I’m not talking just about 2017. As it seems, the trend will continue.

Arround 75% of marketers are increasing investment in content marketing as one of the most important growth strategies in their arsenal.

And there is a simple reason why: it works! 

Here are some content marketing stats and trends for 2017, based on research published by various reputable sources.

Content marketing statistics for 2017.

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Martina Stričak
Martina is the co-founder of Point Visible. Her role is to think in numbers and make sure that everything we’re passionate about at PV is sustainable and built on solid ground. Every now and then she gets an itch to open Illustrator and design a new infographic.


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