Point Visible can help you expand brand awareness, increase your immediate website traffic, boost conversions, or push one-time sales promotions. We do that through our data-oriented approach that integrates PPC and social media advertising.


You need to be strategic and wise to get the most bang from your PPC buck. In practice, this boils down to custom targeting and real-time performance tracking and tweaking – everything our in-house team excels at.


We can run specific one-time projects or continuous PPC campaigns on the channels listed below.

Google Ads

Almost synonymous with PPC, Google Ads campaigns are based on extensive keyword research and various other variables. Throw in remarketing, search ads, display ads, and the like, and you need a team of operatives to cover all fronts. Point Visible provides just that!

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The ads you churn out through Meta’s Business Suite can reach a wide variety of different audiences. You can use them for everything – from building brand trust and awareness to generating leads and sales. Let us be your guide through their vast targeting, testing, and setup options.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a very dynamic, fast-moving network. Awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns all work great on Twitter as it offers unique targeting options. Throw in image, video, and carousel ads, and you could be looking at a winning combination!

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is not only for head-hunting – it’s a perfect place for objective-based advertising and B2B lead generation. Because of its corporate nature and high price-per-click, your LinkedIn advertising campaigns should be spearheaded by experts in the field.

I've been working with the Point Visible for three years and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience. In that time our SEO campaign has gone from the depths of page 3 to first place rankings. I've been delighted with the work and the team are a pleasure to work with!

Rob Press

Point Visible worked really hard to understand our niche and create great content that actually keeps the visitors on our website. They also helped us to get featured on basically all important blogs and magazines in the industry which definitely raised Limble’s brand awareness. We now rank on the first page for a lot of important keywords. As our customer base keeps growing every month, I’m excited to see this partnership growing as well.

Bryan Christiansen

I’ve worked with Point Visible for nearly a year now and at every turn, they have been reliable, efficient and completely exceeded my expectations. They have managed my blogger outreach and guest posting campaign exactly how I wanted and have secured spots on some of the biggest names in my industry. I would highly recommend Point Visible if you need an SEO company who are trustworthy, hardworking, reliable and - most importantly - get results.

Point Visible has helped us increase our visibility and improve brand awareness through a well-executed outreach campaign that connected us with very respectable Media outlets and their editors. Hard work, creative ideas, dedicated account management and a high level of commitment is what assured us of continuing this great working relationship through even more challenging projects in the future.

Mladen Lukic

I started working with them in 2016 and use them for all my digital marketing analysis and SEO needs. They are prompt, professional, and on-point, and only perform high-quality strategies. That is how SEO should be; they do it very well.

I have been working with PointVisible for about two years and they have been impressive in many ways. Their scouting and outreach process - genuine and effective. Their communication and process - smooth and efficient. Their delivery - always on time. Note that they do charge (reasonably) a higher fee BUT it's worth every penny in my opinion. Also, shoutout to my account manager Deana, you have been a pleasure to work with. PointVisible is very lucky to have you.

Point Visible provided us with outstanding services producing top-quality content and delivering results. Even if outreach strategies don't work at the first attempt, they keep tweaking them until they do. They also work in an organized manner that makes things easy to follow on our end. But, by far, my favorite thing is their transparency policy and friendliness.

Josep Garcia

The team at Point Visible is rare in their skill and superb at what they do. What stands out most to me is their ability to not only execute their services well, but to do that and deliver content and ideas that are creatively top-notch. The creativity really sets them apart, and who needs more low-quality content out there anyway! If you want your brand to stand out and not only get results in search but also be viewed as a source of interesting and engaging communication, then you have come to the right place. Overall I could not be happier.

Bruce Tucker

We have been working with PointVisible during the past two years and my experience has been excellent. They perform genuine, legitimate, white-hat outreach and have built top quality links to our website, which has resulted in a significant traffic and sales increase. In addition to that, they've also written some excellent pieces for our blog. Also, shoutout to Danica and Daniel, our account managers, who have been extremely communicative and helpful througout our link building process.

Gilles Couvreur

We never have to worry about the quality of work that Point Visible produces - they are better than any other services we've used. On top of that, they are very flexible to test and implement new strategies, which is imperative in the ever changing digital marketing world.

Will Schneider

I have been working with Point Visible for more than a year and they have always been providing excellent service, with top-class digital marketing solutions and great infographics campaigns. They always reply to any queries promptly and have provided great advice and services when requested. Anita, our dedicated marketer has always been excellent in providing valuable ideas and designing our campaigns. Highly recommended!

Rudy Caretti

You probably have some questions


What are PPC services?

Pay-per-click is a marketing method that leverages paid ads on search engines and social media to basically buy visits to your website. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad. There are many different types of PPC ads designed to accomplish specific goals.


How does Point Visible approach PPC marketing?

Search engines and social media algorithms are the primary opponents we battle daily.

To obtain high returns on advertising, we spend a lot of time researching target audiences and keywords they are searching for, publishing ads, optimizing them, and using remarketing to ensure high advertising ROI.


Should I focus on PPC or organic traffic?

That depends on your goals. PPC marketing is much easier to scale and delivers faster results. However, unlike organic traffic, paid traffic stops flowing in as soon as you turn off the ads.

Most companies will use a combination of these marketing tactics to grow and earn market share to ensure both short-term and long-term profitability.


How much do you charge for your PPC management services?

Our PPC management services are priced on an hourly basis. You can leverage our team’s expertise to improve your existing PPC campaigns or create new ones from scratch. Contact us with more information about your project to get an exact quote.


What are the different types of PPC ads?

You can use many types of PPC ads to attract attention and conversions. The most common types include:

  • Search ads are ads that display in a search engine's results when someone searches for keywords related to or matching the subject of the ad.
  • Display ads are a form of online advertising that uses visual content, such as an image or a video. They have lower CTR than search ads but also feature much lower click prices.
  • Social ads are visual or textual ads shown on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Remarketing ads are a great way to reach back to people who have already expressed interest in your product or service.

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