July 11, 2018
How To Find Writers For Technical Niches That Do Not Suck?
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Technical niches can be quite challenging to write about and it’s not something that any writer can take up. They will need to have experience and the proper knowledge on the matter and be able to write about anything that comes their way without the need to learn the topic from scratch or copy someone else’s thoughts.

If you’re having some trouble trying to find technical writers for your business, you are in luck. Here are some tips to help you pick the best writers for your technical niche needs.

Why it is important to hire a writer

Writing can be quite a tough job if you’re not a professional writer. Not only can it take a lot of time, but it might also not help you get the results you’re hoping for if you’re not sure how to use particular writing techniques to your advantage.

Writing is not a job for the head of the company. The work of a top manager is to lead the company and build the strategic goals, not create the blog content. It is great when you have a spare minute for the precise technical article, but to scale the content flow, you need something more.

Luckily, there are many professional writers that can offer you high-quality content filled with valuable advice and all the features to help you attract more people and manage to achieve better lead generation. Hiring a professional freelance writer can help you shape the image you show your customers, and it can help you make your brand a lot more marketable and trustworthy.

How to tell a good writer apart from a mediocre writer

Good or bad writer

One of the things you need to look out for when working with a writer is to make sure that they have all the skills that you are looking for in order for your business to thrive. Otherwise, you might end up being disappointed and feeling like you have wasted money and time on someone who wasn’t as worth it.

There are many times where people lie about their skills and qualifications so you should always keep in mind that you need to check the legitimacy of their claims in order to be certain that they can truly handle the responsibility of working for your brand. Therefore, you will need to check if the people you interview can back up their claims about previous work experiences and validate that they can do whatever they claim they can.

A good writer will be able to show you proof of their working experience and will not hesitate to even take on a trial post in order to show you their writing style and capabilities and, of course, their knowledge of the field.

On top of that, talented and experienced writers will be able to stay away from using too many general terms and be a lot more specific in their work. Since technical niches can be so tricky to write about, you will easily be able to tell a good writer apart from a bad one as the less experienced one will fill their content with generalities.

Such a writing style can have a bad influence on your brand’s appearance and can make you seem a lot less trustworthy to your readers. The more on point what you write is, the more you will be able to seem like a valid source. A good writer will help you do just that and allow you to make your marketing efforts more successful.

That’s why you need to be careful not to overlook any signs you might hire the wrong freelancer.

Where should you look for experienced writers?

First and foremost, you should know what kind of writers you are looking for. If you wish to work solely with one person, you should probably work with just one freelancer. That will make the job a lot easier and you will be able to build a trusting relationship with that person, where you will be able to guide them into writing your content exactly how you wish.

On the other hand, if you yourself don’t have a lot of experience on technical topics and wish to have someone with experience in many fields and niches work for you, it might be best for you to seek the help of a professional writing company that offers services to a variety of people and has professionals who work on all sorts of fields and can help you out with whatever task you might have.

Here are some of the best places where you can find great and experienced writers who will definitely be able to help you accomplish your content creation goals and allow your business to grow:

  1. UpWork

UpWork is one of the biggest and most well-known communities of freelancers on the Internet. No matter what kind of job you’re looking to get done, you will definitely be able to find the perfect freelancer to get it done for you.

This website offers professionals from all around the world the chance to start working on fields of their expertise and gives the people hiring them the chance to see their previous jobs, resume, and reviews by previous clients. While the reviews are not the only thing you should take into consideration, the ratio between positive and negative feedbacks can give you a strong inclination if a particular writer could be problematic to work with.

positive vs negative feedbacks

If you’re looking to have constant contact with your employee and you wish to know everything about their skills and qualifications, UpWork might be the best choice for you as it gives you the option to send and receive messages instantly and receive your finished tasks without having to leave the website’s platform.

When looking for freelancers through sites like UpWork, you will need to keep in mind that your job description, as well as the title and skill requirements, need to be very precise, in order for you to attract the right professionals and not have to go through proposals and messages of people who might not be suitable for the job.

  1. Specialized writing services

If you would prefer to work with a team of professionals who will be able to assign you a perfectly experienced writer for your content needs, there is no better place to look other than the various specialized writing services on the internet.

Even with just a simple Google search, you will be able to find plenty of services with experience in many different fields and areas of expertise. Some might be specializing in academic writing while there are others who do both academic and more technical writing tasks.

In any case, these services will take the time to understand exactly what it is that you need for your website and they will be able to assign a writer who fits all the criteria you need in order for you to be happy with their service.

  1. Professional writers who contribute to authoritative resources

Being the owner of a website which focuses on a particular technical niche, you probably read websites similar to yours with more authority, which allow guest writers who are experts in these fields to submit posts.

This is a perfect chance for you to find someone with a writing style you enjoy and offer them a position in your business as a technical content creator. Usually, the socials and the emails of these guest writers are included underneath their posts so you will be able to contact them easily.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that these people might be on the pricier side as they are professionals in their field and they will be able to offer you great quality work. If you have the budget for it, give them a try and see if that is what works best for you and your company’s needs.

How can you filter the writers?

Filtering the writers you come across and considering to work with is necessary if you want to avoid wasting a lot of time, money and energy on people who might not be a good fit.

Filtering writers

Here are some examples of skills you definitely need to filter them by:

  1. SEO Knowledge

A writer that knows how to handle SEO will truly be an asset to your team as they will be able to use things like keywords and marketing strategies to your advantage in order for your brand to get more coverage on social media and generate more leads.

  1. Knowing how to do proper research

One of the most important things about a content creator in technical niches is the ability to research their content properly and use information that is up to date and useful. Vague explanations and incorrect information will have a negative impact on the success of your marketing campaigns, especially in the technical niche where you often need to explain complex areas to provide actionable advice.

  1. Being adaptable

Having an employee who is adaptable should be at the top of your list when reviewing writers. You will want to work with someone who will be able to adapt their writing style to your needs and produce great quality content on a constant basis.

  1. Being able to explain complex topics in a simple manner

One of the problems of finding writers in technical niches is to find people with knowledge and actual experience in your industry that are capable of writing engaging content and explain complex ideas in an easy to follow text. That is why you always need to look at the examples of their previous work and evaluate if their writing style matches your needs.

Finding content creators you need, the right way

Before you start searching for a new writer, it is paramount to understand what you’re looking for in a writer, what expectations you have regarding their work, and how exactly you wish to promote and upgrade your website.

As long as you have a clear view of those things, you will be able to pull this through successfully and find professionals who will be able to meet all of your needs and help you create the best content for your business.

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