10 Alarming Signs You Are Going To Hire Wrong Freelance Writer

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You published a job offer and so many candidates applied. After you went through all of them, you found your perfect match and hired him.

Communication was great, he agreed on all of your terms and accepted your offer. Also, he promised to deliver the first article in a few hours.

And now, you wait thinking: „This one will be great.“

The writer probably doesn’t think like that.


But, as promised, your article is here faster than expected. And you hope that after you read it, this freelancer will be your next number one writer.

Here comes the first sentence:

„Lead generation like the first time you see notice a gorgeous stranger waving at you from across the crowd.“

Oh, it must just a typo. Let’s read a little more.

„Gaming consoles are an awesome way to get rid of the overwhelming boredom that can overwhelm you when you are taking that long journey.“

At this point, you are realizing that this article was a waste of your time and there is no future with this writer.

But don’t worry, it can always be worse. I’m going to show you just a small part (you couldn’t handle all of it) of what I got from a 4,75 ⭐ rated and a 75% job success ‘writer’:

„Laundry, a word when comes to mind realize the messiness and distortion around us. Sorting of clothes in Laundry room can be a tedious task and you need some special effort for it. To get rid of clothes messiness in Laundry room, invest in hampers. Try to have a separate hamper for each room and for dark and light clothes. This way you will get your half work done before getting into the Laundry room.“

And yes, Laundry was spelled with the capital letter. 🙂

Good thing all articles are going through our editorial team before we send them to the client for revision. Imagine the disaster if was otherwise.

As you saw, consequences of hiring bad writer can be pretty bad, or funny if you have a tendency to look on things from the brighter side.

Possibility that your writer will be bad is higher if you don’t:

  1. Look at the profile – you can find out a lot just from looking at one’s profile. You can tell if a person is organized, serious and takes care of details.
  1. Google the name – freelancers usually have profiles on more than one online workplace so you can check their profiles there too. If you are looking for writers to work on a bigger and more important projects, you can check their social profiles too. I don’t think you should snoop around on their personal profiles, but professional profiles are a great place to find out more. Good places to look at are LinkedIn and Quora. On LinkedIn people love to brag about their professional success so you can learn more about their experience. Quora is also a good place if your potential writer is using it in professional purposes. You can find out what are their interests and how much they know about them. Also, you can check their writing style and see if it fits your needs.
  2. Read reviews – if a freelancer has 50 reviews you’ll probably look at the first few of them, and if they are good for you, you’ll probably hire him. If you look at first few reviews, this one looks like a pretty good writer.


After scratching a bit deeper results are completely different. It looks this is not such a good writer after all.


  1. Ask for samples – it’s simple, no samples – no experience. I often get few samples of their work and all of them are about the same or similar topic and approximately the same length, around 500 words. It tells me a lot about the potential writer: there’s no experience in different fields, there’s no ability to create one quality, research-based article with at least 1500 words as some sites request.
  2. Read before you pay – don’t pay just after writer submitted his work. Take a moment to look at the article, and pay only if you got what you asked for.
  3. Ask for a revision – biggest ‘NO’ in articles are grammatical errors. If you find even the smallest one – ask for a revision. Also, if it’s not written according to your guidelines, you have every right to send the article back.
  4. Leave a review – this is mainly to help other employers, your opinion could mean a lot to them.
  5. Have strict rules – you have to lay down strict rules when you publish job offer. The writer needs to know type and style of the article he’s going to write, length, price and everything else you believe it could be important to include. This way writer will know what to do and you will spare yourself from hearing ‘I thought this…’ or ‘I meant that…’.
  6. Keep track of consistency – there are types of writer who wait to gain your trust first by delivering high-quality articles for some period of time. After that they ask you for review and everything suddenly gets worse, from communication to article quality. Don’t forget that you can always leave more reviews.
  7. Bond with the writer – I don’t think about going to coffee or taking a trip together. But an informal conversation with them can help. Ask them how they’ve been, talk about news, events, and a weather. This could be quite interesting, especially if you are on the different sides of the world. If you are satisfied with your writer and his work, let him know. A few nice words could be just what you need to keep your writers feeling confident and motivated.


Finding a great employee can be a real torment, but finding a great freelancer can be even bigger. So when you decide to do it, be smart, stay calm and don’t let anyone trick you. From my experience – in a sea of different writers there are lots of good ones too. Just be patient and you’ll find your beloved writer too.

P.S. You know that old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and I’m going to write you a bad review”.

Anamarija Barun

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