Guest Posting Guide For Beginners
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For those who don’t have 17 minutes to learn essentials of the guest posting but still want to know what that is, first two paragraphs should be enough.

The blog is a website run by individuals, groups or companies. It’s written on some specific topic in order to inform, entertain and gather groups of readers with similar interests. The blog consists of posts – content that is describing an event, opinion, product or anything else that is in blogs area of interest.

Guest blogging is just publishing your content (guest post) on someone else’s blog. It’s used as a part of the search engine optimization as one of the link building methods in order to boost up your website’s traffic and rankings.

More interesting and detailed part is coming for the rest of the readers. Enjoy!

It’s a simple way to get your name out there, but not all guest posts are good enough to help you with that.

There is one main reason why guest blogging is done: backlinks*!

*Backlink – link inside the guest post that leads to your site, but more about that later.

When you are focusing just on getting one thing (backlink) it’s easy to forget about other, equally important factors of the good guest post.

So, for the purposes of better understanding of that other factors let’s imagine two things.

  1. There is no backlink in the guest post – I know! It’s hard, unimaginable and frustrating. But don’t worry, you’ll get your link, it’s just a little exercise.
  2. You are looking at your post as a potential blogger or reader.

Now ask yourself few questions from that perspectives:

  • Would I publish this post on my site?
  • Would I click on this title?
  • Would I read this post?
  • Would I find it interesting and useful?
  • Would I find the solution of the problem I was looking for?
  • Did I get what title was promising?
  • Did it inspire me enough to share it on my social media accounts, send it to my friend or leave a comment?
  • Was it interesting enough to talk about it with others?

If the answer on all of those questions is ‘YES’ you are good to go!

If not, check the list below to get some ideas.

Types of guest posts

Types of good guest posts:

  1. Guides – readers love guides on how to solve real life problem. The more detailed – the better. Don’t do those kinds of guides where you skip one step because it’s trivial for you. You need to assume the reader knows nothing about that problem and include every single step with description and if possible – image.
  2. Lists – there are so many types of them: checklist, to-do list, bucket list, brainstorming list… And they can be about anything. Idea is to do it better from everybody else, so don’t do: ‘5 Tools For Internet Marketing‘. Rather than that do really extensive research and create a list with 100 of tools.
  3. Case studies – explain on examples how you solved a real problem and what you learned from it.
  4. Reviews – you can review product or service, give advice to others that are planning to use or buy it and connect with the seller of that product to reach out to more audience.
  5. Infographics – infographic is not a post but it can be included in the post to make it more fun and easier to read.
  6. Experience – share your experience to prove the point. For example write a post titled: ‘How I Managed To Increase My Websites Traffic By 150% Just By Guest Blogging‘. It’s easier for others to know that someone had the same problem, managed to solve it and is willing to share it with them.

Characteristics of good guest post:

  • Creative
  • Informative
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Based on real examples
  • Providing real, applicable advice
  • Commercial free
  • Grammatically correct

A great way of making sure the quality of your posts stays high is to get familiar with the characteristics of bad guest posts. That way you will know hot to successfully avoid them.

Types of bad guest posts:

  1. Duplicated – it’s not enough to write quality content just one time and publish it on more different blogs. Not only it’s not enough – it’s actually dangerous since you can get penalized by Google. Write unique content each time.
  2. Automatically generated – you can recognize it because it makes no sense and often consists of random text.
  3. Plagiarized – it’s similar to duplicated content but in this case, it’s not duplicating your own content – it’s duplicating someone else’s.
  4. Poorly written – content that it’s written by someone who doesn’t know anything about that topic and hasn’t done any research. This kind of content also has lots of grammatical errors.

Characteristics of bad guest post:

  • Too short
  • Too long
  • Promotional
  • Has grammatical errors
  • Abusive / Offensive

Myths about guest posting that are not true

  • Guest posting is dead – it’s not. As long as there are blogs there will be guest blogging too. Since blogs are among us for more than 20 years now we believe they are not going to die anytime soon either.
  • I need to have a reputation as a writer – you don’t. You can start with some easier blogs. There are lots of them who want and welcome guest posting. Just follow their guidelines and good post tips from above and you should be fine. With time you’ll have more and more posts behind you and you’ll build your reputation to get to more ‘famous’ sites.
  • One e-mail = one guest post – you wish! Be prepared to send lots and lots of e-mails. There are so many things that can affect your outreach efficiency and you’ll learn how to increase it with time.
  • It’s impossible to get guest posts on ‘big sites’ – It’s hard, that’s for sure, but not impossible. It usually takes more time and effort to do it since it’s not enough just to send an e-mail.
  • My job is done when it’s published – it’s not. After your post gets published you should share it on your social media accounts and be engaged in possible comments. This is also a great way to connect with your potential customers directly.
  • It’s not worth it – it is. You can take a look at ranking changes just by guest posting.

Benefits that can be expected from guest blogging

As I mentioned, the main reason for guest posting is getting links that lead reader back to your site. Other than that you’ll have few more benefits.

  • Traffic increase – by publishing on other blogs you can attract a whole new group of visitors to your site. If you want to know how many of new visitors you can expect, check the monthly traffic of the blog you are planning to guest post on.
  • Brand awareness – if you do a good job by writing high-quality articles, providing great information and generally showing that you care, soon your brand will be recognized and you’ll have a great reputation.
  • Direct contact with potential customers – after you publish your post you can expect readers will comment. And those readers could become your customers. This is great opportunity to get in touch with them and find out more about them.
  • Easier promotion – you got your guest post for free and now you can promote it for free. You can find out more about how to do it at the end of this post.
  • Backlinks
    If blogger accepts guest posts it means you’ll get backlink too. The only question is what kind are they going to be. It depends fully on the policy of the blogger. Every one of them has different rules and in order to get a guest post, you must obey them.
    Contextual vs bio links
    You can put your link in two places:

    • Inside a post – this is a contextual link. Don’t just put it randomly in the text. It should be inserted to follow text naturally and lead to some other reference or article.
      The reason is clear – there’s way more than 2.000.000 new pieces of content published every day (2015). New topics and new faces in the world of content marketing arise on a daily basis and the competition is merciless. In 2017, it will be even harder to compete.
    • Inside a bio – this link should also follow text naturally but this one can lead to a home page of your site.
      Anamarija is an outreach and backlink audit specialist at PointVisible who is working her way up through recovering sites from penalties. She likes to share her experience through the guest post to help others. In the meantime, she’s surprising her teammates with yummy desserts.

    Nofollow vs dofollow links

    Everyone wants a dofollow link, but don’t force it. Natural diversity is the key to the long-term success. So far, our work with many clients proved this to be right.

    Also, as a result, your link profile will look natural, just as Google expect it to be.

  • Networking – you will connect with different people who have different professions. You should always be polite, even when you get rejected. Maybe they’ll change their mind in the future and will think of you. Also, you can always come back for the recommendation to those you had good experience
  • Building your creativity – guest posting is something like brainstorming for you. The more you know – the more ideas you’ll get.

Problems that occur when doing guest blogging

There are 3 most common problems that people face when doing guest posting.

  • Saturation of the niche – if your niche is specific you can easily get to the point where there are no more blogs to contact. When this happens it’s time to expand your search on other, similar niches. If you have a dentistry blog you’ll face with the saturation real quick. When this happens you can consider niches that are related and some of the suggested are: health, beauty, green living, lifestyle…
  • No more blogs on that location – when you are doing guest blogging in some specific area, for example just the UK you can again face similar problem – no more blogs to contact. You should expand your search to other countries. It doesn’t even matter if you own a small, local job – as long as you post on good sites it can only help you.
  • No more topics to write about – writer’s block is a common problem among people who aren’t primarily writers. It’s important to post regularly so when you run out of ideas what to write about do a little research. Visit Quora, related forums, and blogs, do a keyword research and you’ll get a plenty of ideas for your next post.

Now that we solved these problems, let’s define who is guest blogging for and who guest blogging is not for.

Who is guest posting for?

Guest posting is for people who:

  • have ideas
  • are creative
  • want to connect with others
  • want to build a relationship with partners and clients
  • are willing to invest in different ways
  • want to try something new for they business

Guest posting is not for people who:

  • think they don’t need marketing
  • don’t want to invest
  • think it won’t work
  • don’t want to cooperate

Evolution of one guest post

  1. Awareness for the need of guest post – After learning what is guest posting and how you can benefit from it, I hope you are in this phase right now.
  2. Research of the trending topics in the niche – I mentioned earlier a few ways to research topics. By visiting relevant blogs, forums, Q&A sites you can easily find out what are people talking about, their problems and their needs. Those are the things that they want to know more about and that’s what you should write about.
  3. Research of potential guest blogs – in this step, you should do a research of potential blogs that accept guest posts. There are many ways to do it. And different ways of searching for blogs means more potential blogs.
  4. Generating post ideas – now that you know what your potential customers want to read about you can come up with a few title ideas.
  5. Contacting the bloggers with your ideas – send those ideas to the bloggers you found and hope for the positive answer. If you don’t hear from them in a few days, send them to follow up to check if they missed your e-mail.
  6. Getting an answer from the blogger that your idea is accepted – few of them will send you positive answer. Ask them if they have any additional guidelines you could check and let them know they can expect an article in a few days.
  7. Writing of the post – if you think you don’t know enough about this topic do a research and write it according to guidelines if you got them.
  8. Sending it – before you send your final version, proofread it one more time and attach royalty free images if they asked.
  9. Post getting published – you can’t expect your post to go live immediately. They need to some time to read it, edit it if needed and add it to their publishing schedule. You can expect for it to be published from 2 days to 1 month after sending it.
  10. Thank you mail – once it’s live send them a thank you e-mail and remind them you’ll schedule shares on your social media accounts too.
  11. Promotion – keep up your promise and share a post on your social media accounts. Don’t stop there. You can also promote your article on all of the places where you previously searched for your ideas.
  12. Keep track of your article – depending on the blog your post is on, it’s possible you’ll get comments on the post you wrote. It’s not necessary but it’s a good thing to reply to those comments. You’ll prove you care and you can talk to your possible customers directly.


I hope you learned everything you ever wanted to know about guest posting and even more. It may sound complicated at first and it can be confusing at the beginning. After you write and publish your first few posts, you’ll get the sense what readers and bloggers best react to. You’ll meet new partners and through them, you’ll be able to reach out to even bigger and better sites. And in the end – no matter how impossible or funny that sounds – you’ll be able to grow your business with this method.


Anamarija Barun

Anamarija Barun

Anamarija is a content strategist who is working her way up through recovering sites from penalties. She likes to share her experience through the guest post to help others. In the meantime, she's surprising her teammates with yummy desserts.
Anamarija Barun
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