November 29, 2018
Your Graphic Design Forecast For 2019
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Graphic design is powerful and omnipresent. From the movies we watch and the websites we visit the billboards we drive past and the magazines we see, graphic design is all around us. But the ever-evolving world of graphic design is as broad a field as it is bold, and new techniques are constantly developing.

Here, we’ll discuss a few of our favorite graphic design trends of 2018 and share our 2019 graphic design forecast on the top new trends to look out for in the year ahead.

2018’s graphic design trends (that we’ll be seeing plenty of in 2019)

Though 2018 is nearing an end, the year saw plenty of exciting trends on the graphic design front. Before moving onto our 2019 forecast, let’s briefly cover three of our favorite fads of the past 12 months.

1. GIFs

Graphics Interchange Formats, or GIFs, have been around since 1987 but have taken the digital world by storm over the past few years. 2018 saw strong usage of these graphic microinstructions, which are especially useful for brands when communicating with users and attempting to convey tasks.

GIFs also help enhance user experience through greater engagement, and they certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


2. Creative typography

Text can be so much more than words. Creative typography can apply to many things but usually means typography that becomes an image, is part of an image or includes an image within it. In the example below, you can see Nike’s use of creative typography in the form of their brand name written in laces.

This creative play on letters gives the viewer something fun (and mysterious) to look at.

Creative Typography

3. A throwback to bright colors

Bold, bright colors reminiscent of the 80s and 90s dominated graphic design in 2018 and will surely be sticking around over the coming year. Their popular usage is not only because of their eye-catching nature but their nostalgic connotations.

Bright Colors

Design trends of 2019

2019 is destined to be an exciting year for graphic design, with plenty of trends in the pipeline. The following are some of the ones we’re especially looking forward to seeing more of.

1. Hand drew elements and custom illustrations

Hand drew elements add a special, thoughtful touch when used as or as part of designs. These are not only fun and completely customizable, but they are also guaranteed to be original. Use illustrations over photography to create another great effect that is spot-on for 2019.

Custom illustrations

2. Gradients/color transitions

Gradients are having a major comeback at the moment— and they aren’t just being seen on PowerPoint presentations anymore! These enhancements to flat design give graphics added interest and depth— just take the Instagram logo for instance. The gentle transition from purples to pinks to oranges gives viewers plenty to enjoy, even in a smaller area.

Color transition

3. Responsive logos

Responsive web design has been at the forefront for years now and is the gold standard when it comes to creating the best user experience. Now, responsive logos have moved into the limelight.

Like responsive websites, responsive logos are altered and optimized according to the device they’re being viewed on. More logo detail can be found on larger screens while smaller screens will display simplified versions. Take for example the Google logo. When viewed on a desktop, the famous blue, red, yellow and green logo is written in full. However, when seen in the application, it’s portrayed as a simple and colorful G.

Responzive logos

4. Geometric design

The geometric design is all about taking classic shapes and combining them to form something modern and unique. The result is a striking visual that is certain to capture the attention of viewers. Though seemingly simple, the amalgamation of different geometric elements creates something complex and thought-provoking.

Geometric design

5. Negative space

You can convey just as much within the negative space of an image as you can within the positive space. In fact, making use of negative space is a powerful trend for 2019 that will elevate a graphic into something multifaceted and intriguing. Sometimes, it’s what you leave out instead of what you leave in, and the fork and knife within the Coca-Cola advert above help to prove this.

Negative space

6. 3D

2D was soooooo 2010. This year, it’s all about the third dimension, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s in the form of text, photographs, or other visuals, 3D design quite literally pops out at viewers, drawing them into a graphic and engages them on another level.


7. Metallics

There’s something so fun about the glistening, shimmery effect of metallics. Incorporating metallic elements into your graphics will give them that “wow” factor and ensure they’re up to snuff in 2019’s graphic design arena. After all, everyone likes shiny things!


8. Moody warm photos

It is the age of Instagram, after all, and the Valencia filter reigns supreme. But warm, moody photos won’t only be found on your feeds— they’ll be all over this year, offering an appealingly soft and comforting aura that’ll resonate with the viewers.

Moody warm photos

If the above trends are anything to go by, 2019 will be yet another lively year in graphic design.

You disagree with these predictions? Let’s discuss your oppinon in the comments below!

Ellan Dineen is the Marketing Associate at Design Wizard. When she’s not hard at work in the Marketing Department, Ellan can be found en route to foreign lands with a book in her hand and a podcast in her ear. With a Master’s in English and Diploma in Social Media Marketing, she knows the importance of staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and insights and is keen to pass these tips on to her readers.

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