Quuu Review - What Is It And How It Works
QUUU review

Most social media managers can confirm that searching for new and interesting content to fill their daily schedule can be extremely time-consuming.

Luckily, tools like Quuu are designed to alleviate that problem by automating things like content research, scheduling, and promotion.

As a tool that gained a lot of traction in the last year, we decided to take a closer look and try it out. If you are interested in learning how does this platform work and what we think about it, we invite you to read the rest of our Quuu review.

What exactly is Quuu? 

Quuu’s primary goal is to grow your social media following and engagement by helping you post hand-curated content in your niche. 

Quuu sends to its users relevant, high-quality content from their niche each day, which they can easily schedule and post on their social media profiles via Quuu scheduler or any other tool like Buffer or HubSpot. These suggestions include a link to the content (article, blog post, video, podcast episode…) and a text containing relevant hashtags and social handles (making it easier to tag the author or source).

What makes Quuu really interesting is on the other side of this coin. You might wonder, where do they find all of those suggestions and how are they hand-curated? Well, a big part of this is Quuu Promote, a feature through which you can submit your content which, if found worthy, will be used as a suggestion to other Quuu users. More on this later in the post 🙂

Before we get down and dirty, let’s briefly cover their main features.

Quuu Scheduler

As one of their main features, Quuu Scheduler allows you to manage all your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social profiles from one place. You can easily mix your scheduled content and automated content curation via Quuu suggestions.  

Quuu Promote

Quuu isn’t only useful for influencers and shares on social media, but also for those who want to promote their content. Quuu Promote is aimed at bloggers and marketers who want to submit their content for review and subsequently get shares from other Quuu users. Its in-house team of content managers checks each submission to make sure it adheres to their quality criteria.

Craft by Quuu

Simply put, this new feature offers influencers and marketers a high-customized service where Quuu content team takes care of personalizing and scheduling your social shares.

When you sign up for Craft, you get a questionnaire regarding things like the preferred tone of voice, writing style and other common characteristics of your social media posts. That information is what a “content crafter” will use in order to write those texts and schedule the posts, saving you the time you would otherwise have to spend on curation, crafting and scheduling.

Discover by Quuu

This new service is an open platform featuring all of the content in Quuu library. To help you choose better performing pieces, you can sort content by shares and clicks.

This is how it looks like:

Quuu Discover

As you can see, it gives you the option to sign up which means that you can consult and share this available content without being Quuu user yet.

As a digital marketing agency focused on content marketing, we were mostly interested in getting our creations in front of the right eyes. That’s why we are going to concentrate on Quuu Promote

How does Quuu Promote work?

The short story is: you create a social media post for different social networks in which you share a link to your content, Quuu puts it in front of people in your niche who have signed up to receive content suggestions from them, and some of them inevitably share it on their social profiles

If your content is interesting, and social media post crafted and targeted well, you can earn hundreds of shares, mentions, and clicks. The basis of everything is once again great content that will grab attention and be useful for influencers and their audience alike.

It all sounds great but how hard is it to get to those “hundreds” of clicks? Not hard at all – made even easier with our tutorial below.

How to get started with Quuu Promote

Step #1 Setting up Quuu Promote

The registration process is pretty straightforward. If you ever registered for anything online, you can handle this as well. Just enter your full name, email address and desired password and that’s it. Next screen you will see is an empty dashboard.

How to setup Quuu

A bonus step in the profile setup is adding your blog feed under Settings. Quuu will grab any new piece of content you publish on your blog and add it into “Drafts” section. That way you can easily decide which content to promote, without having to add posts manually.

Quuu Settings

Quuu promotion drafts

Step #2 Creating a promotion for a new post

This process is not much more complicated than a regular posting on any social network. We have created a short video that takes you through each step (watch it in full screen for best experience).

Here are some additional instructions, screenshots, and tips that could be useful if you decide to try it out.

The first step is to click on a big blue button on the left that says “Promote a post”. After that, you are asked to paste the URL you’d like to promote.

It’s recommended to promote real content (blogs, infographics and similar) rather than product or landing pages. Something natural and focused on your target audience will work far better than blatant promotion pieces that probably won’t even pass their review process.

When you’ve picked your awesome piece of content for promotion, it’s time for the most important part of this setup – writing a great social media post to accompany it. We have highlighted 4 different parts in the dashboard that you should edit.

Quuu content personalization

Step #3 – Edit your post for best engagement

Quuu Promote allows you to create a shorter post for Twitter and a longer one for other social networks. You can, of course, use the same text for all networks but it’s recommended to come up with different ones as using the same copy for both Twitter and Facebook usually won’t get you the best results.

Polish the text

First of all, hashtags. Sure, most social networks these days have hashtags and they are more or less useful, but it’s Twitter hashtags that matter the most. Always add a few relevant hashtags in your Twitter text box so any shared post is easy to find and reaches a bigger audience.

Second, don’t forget to add your Twitter handle in the post. That way, whenever the post is shared, your name or brand will be mentioned, increasing your chance of earning new followers. Additionally, you will get a notification each time someone mentions you which will allow you to track all the mentions and likes and retweet or reply to those tweets.

Keep an eye on character count when you’re writing the text. Your posts always have to include the link that is created by Quuu automatically so count that in when you’re coming up with creative posts. Quuu will help you out by showing you the counter of how many characters you used for the copy. 

Consider adding custom featured images

Next part you can customize are featured images for different social networks. Quuu Promote kindly added preferred dimensions for each so you can create custom graphics for both Twitter and Facebook if that floats your boat.

Alternatively, you can simply have your link shared as any other link on those social networks. The link will show your featured image – if it’s set in the post – so this step is totally up to you and your graphics skills. 

Some types of content will work better with an image rather than just a link. If you’re, for example, promoting an infographic, you can create a little graphic using a snippet from the original infographic to spark more curiosity (like we did in the pictures below). 

Quuu infographic promotion featured image example

Use the Preview section

When you’re done with writing and uploaded your images, use the Preview section on the right to see how your post will look when shared on different social networks. Always check this part and look for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Pick an interest category

The last thing you have left to customize is to pick interest category. This is one thing Quuu could upgrade because right now you can only pick one interest category, and sometimes 2 or even 3 would be perfect. The list of Interest Categories is fairly big but we did have to make some compromises where we had a manufacturing-related content “sign-uped” for engineering category since manufacturing is not on the list.

When you’re done with everything, simply hit Submit. In case you forgot to edit something, Quuu will remind you and won’t let you continue until all fields are filled – which is a nice touch!

Step #4 Pay and publish

Now that the post is setup and you have double-checked everything, it’s time for the payment part. Price per post changes depending on the monthly plan you have chosen, ranging from $40 to $25 per post. Whichever plan you choose, your posts can get an unlimited number of shares, mentions, and clicks during the 30 day promotion period.

Pay and publish Quuu post

After payment is done, your content will be put in front of the eyes of people in your interest category and you can look at the number of shares and mentions going up.

More on pricing at the end of the post.

Does it work?

It definitely does. We get new shares on a daily basis, and those shares get engagements, likes, and retweets which increases our reach and the reach of the person that shared our content – a win-win situation! Here’s how the post looks on Twitter when someone decides to share your content:

10 link building mistakes tweet

We’ll leave you with a few screenshots of our currently active posts and those that are already expired. You can see how many mentions and clicks are there. Keep in mind that our social profiles don’t have a big following, plus digital/content/social media marketing is a very competitive and saturated niche, so these numbers are great!

Quuu active promotions

Quuu repromote

Pros and cons of Quuu Promote

Now that we have shown you how the tool works, it’s time to break down what we liked and what we didn’t like about it.

The Pros

Easy to use

As mentioned a few times above, the tool is very easy to use, with intuitive dashboard and easy to understand instructions. It has some tips and pieces of advice for new users that will help you create better posts.

Getting your content in front of right people

This is obviously the largest benefit of this feature. Your content will be seen by people who chose to see suggestions from your niche and they will share it with their followers who are obviously also interested in your industry – it doesn’t get much better and targeted than that!

Social engagement and SEO

If you include your Twitter handle in posts or are using any of the social mentions tracking tools, it will be easy to engage with people that shared your content by saying thanks or answering any questions.

In addition, any social share or other social signal is tracked by Google and can aid you with increasing your Google rankings.

The Cons

You can only pick one category

As mentioned earlier, it would be great to pick more than just one category because sometimes that’s what your content needs. For example, in our video, we shared a post about Instagram which would fit into multiple categories such as “Social Media” and “Social Media Marketing”.

Not enough categories

We ran into some hiccups with some of our clients when we just couldn’t find a perfect category for their content and we were forced to improvise by picking the next best thing. Perhaps adding a few more categories would be great. That being said, they are probably limited by the number of people that actually want to see suggestions from particular niches so this might be remedied as the network grows.

Quu Promote pricing plans

As we have been doing until now – let’s focus on Quuu Promote when talking about pricing plans.

If you take a look at the screenshot below, you’ll find their pricing plans with detailed main features for each of them.

Quuu Promote pricing plans

The main difference? Basically, how many pieces of content you’re allowed to promote each month. The higher the number of pieces, the lower the cost per piece but higher monthly price.

Besides that, you’re also able to create a custom plan that gets adjusted to your actual needs. And that’s cool – we all like products and services that can be personalized and adapted to our business’ needs.

Our experience is based on “Promote 1” plan features. We have been paying $40/month and the result is that we had several blog posts promoted for 30 days and some of them got a surprising number of shares and a decent amount of clicks!

Final thoughts

We stumbled upon Quuu when a blogger that republished one of our infographics decided to promote it via Quuu. We didn’t know it at that time so we were caught off guard as we weren’t sure why are we seeing a sudden increased in shares. After we found out the reason, we decided to try it out for ourselves – and we have been using it ever since.

This concludes our Quuu review. We hope that is post answered all of your questions, but if it didn’t, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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