November 10, 2021
Using AI To Maximize The Value Of Your Content Marketing Efforts
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making a name for itself in the marketing world due to its unparalleled process automation abilities. In fact, according to Deloitte’s  2021 Survey, 85% of respondents were reported to have adopted AI in businesses. Many marketers are beginning to use this scalable technology in their content marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors.

Creating content is infamously time-consuming. Marketers need to identify keywords and go through a whole writing and designing process to capture the right audience.  

AI technology can help speed up various content marketing activities and cut through repetitive processes. AI will help you perform the mundane task, so you can focus on planning a strategic move that drives your business growth – and have enough free time to execute those plans. 

The use of AI in content marketing

Content is the heart of today’s marketing landscape and an integral part of your sales-driving machine. The right content can urge the audience to participate in your campaign and join your bandwagon quickly.

AI has started innovation trends in content marketing campaigns. Using AI in your marketing strategy will fasten the entire process while also ensuring you present the right information. Advanced AI is able to read and write content that humans can understand. This technology learns how things work and improve accordingly, so it can give you insights into what you should be writing for a specific purpose. 

In other words, AI helps marketers get things done.

How AI helps optimize content marketing campaigns

As a marketer trying to reach out to a particular audience with valuable information, you may encounter an overwhelming amount of data and a laborious process. However, you can cut through the hefty work and leverage your content marketing strategy using AI.

Let’s see how!

1. Identify and gather insights

AI can help you find relevant keywords that would fit your audience’s needs. It can use your client data to create a highly targeted search. For instance, it’s possible for AI software to generate ideas on topics related to previous posts from your blog. It will also help you find what type of language and tone might resonate with your readers. 

If you need more information, there is a chance that AI could come up with relevant facts and figures since it has access to a database that can provide a limitless supply of facts about anything under the sun, including finance, politics, and entertainment news.

Jarvis app
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For example, a tool like allows you to generate ideas to present to your readers. You can type basic information about your content and let the software do the work for you. 

You can also perform competitive analysis to help you craft better content ahead of your competitors. Using an AI-powered SEO tool like SEMrush will help you collect data from your competitors’ marketing efforts and pull off valuable insight for your content campaign. 

You will discover essential data, such as the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and generate metrics (e.g. keyword’s search volume and difficulty, organic traffic…) that you can use to optimize your blog.

2. Create highly personalized content

Making personalized content for your targeted audience is essential for marketers in ensuring content success. According to a study, 79% of consumers like to engage with personalized content that meets their needs, and 40% are more likely to check items recommended on a site that shares their interest. Therefore, incorporating personalized content will effectively help brands in engaging with their targeted customers. 

With AI, marketers can deliver highly targeted messages that are personalized even on a per-user basis. Marketers will have more flexibility in targeting different user groups using AI to process large data sets and identify similarities among them. 

Businesses need to reshape their content strategy in a way that fits every bit of their targeted users. For example, brands should consider geolocation as part of their content-making process. You can use this opportunity to make personalized content and offer customers your products or services based on their location.

In 2019, McDonald deployed personalized menus in 700 drive-thru restaurants across the US. These digital displays can change based on the time of day, the weather forecast, or trending menu items.

While creating content, you can use AI to determine what topics and issues your customers care about most. Based on that information, you will be able to produce content that is highly relevant for your audience and push sales up.

3. Discover topic inspiration

Many marketers find it hard to stay inspired while creating new content. They will get swamped over the same idea again and again until they realize that most of the content is recycled from previous campaigns. 

AI identifies gaps in the market where human beings can’t find any information or keep track of all new trends happening around your business niche.

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In short, AI allows you to determine the best content out there which can be used as a framework for your own content before applying them to other industries. AI can use information from various books or published online and relay it back to whatever niche you target. 

4. Analyze predictive content

Predictive analysis is essential for creating content as it helps fasten the process. AI is able to find relevant data that will assist you in creating compelling and persuasive content. You can use up-to-date information from your AI-based content generator to identify problems and come up with possible solutions for various situations.

For example, you’re able to reduce time spent on research when making new content. This AI-specific feature is mainly based on semantic search technology where it allows its users to locate relevant results without having to type a lot of keywords and phrases. 

All you need to do is type down the question or keyword that you are specifically looking for. Within seconds, the algorithms will bring back all sources related to your topic based on previous searches by other people who had asked similar questions in the past. AI understands what you’re looking for and presents the terms you will be using in your next content.

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AI-driven tools like Marketmuse allows you to crawl every blog on the Internet and recommend content according to your search query. The tool helps you discover content based on the most relevant keyword and its page rank on the search engine.  

5. Provide great visual content 

Visuals are an essential part that you should include in every marketing campaign. They can help achieve better engagement, more traffic and even boost your SEO because of how search engines work. The best part about using a visual AI generator is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great pictures for your content.

You can use AI to generate suitable graphic elements that fit your content. By doing so, you can present your content in a more appealing way to your readers. AI helps you make visual content that would fit your blog posts.

Crello is graphic design software that allows you to take your business idea from a napkin sketch to a global empire without breaking a sweat or spending any money on designers. 

The software has thousands of customizable templates, millions of high-quality photos, videos, and designs. You can generate visual content just by picking a template, filling it in with your layout information, choosing from the endless possibilities to make every page unique to you—or importing your own logo or avatar.

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6. Perform research with chatbots

You can discover your customer personas and their behavioral patterns seamlessly using AI. Incorporating AI allows you to provide customers with the right content relevant to their needs.

A great example is how Duolingo uses chatbot assistants in their app for customer research purposes. Duolingo’s chatbot allows brands to analyze what the market needs and identify their problems.

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Highly sophisticated AI algorithms our apps are built upon allow marketers to gain greater insights into their audiences to refine messages tailored for specific groups or target individuals. 

You can also use chatbots to gain insights from every aspect of your online presence. The following are some benefits of using chatbots.

  • Gather customer insights: chatbots can be used to collect information from customers. Once you have a chatbot, add it to your websites and other online platforms and ask people for their feedback, opinions, or suggestions. The bot will take this information and compile it to give you a better understanding of what your customers want so that you can adjust your product or service accordingly.
  • Customer support: chatbots are also good at providing customer support. If a customer has a question or needs help with an issue, the bot can provide answers or direct them to someone who can offer more aid. For example, IKEA uses Google Assistant as part of its digital kitchen planner.
  • Manage social media: another benefit of using chatbots is that you can manage your social media. For instance, you can create a Facebook chatbot to answer customers’ queries about products or services. This saves you the time and effort of having to manage your own accounts. You can also respond instantly to questions or comments on social media, which builds relationships with followers.

When you execute chatbots correctly, you can create a more personalized experience for each visitor.

For example, you can create a template with specific triggers in them depending on users’ responses. dashboard
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This is an example from, an AI platform that designs bots & virtual agents without coding. So, you can easily integrate an AI platform into your content marketing campaigns.


AI is transforming the content marketing industry in more ways than one. Incorporating AI in your content-making process helps you craft more personalized content that fits your target audience.

That’s why marketers must be keen to incorporate AI in their content-making process. Using AI will help them maximize the value of their existing content, launch new content that has higher chances of success, and cut overall marketing costs.

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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