Senior Copywriter

Hi there folks!

TL;DR, we are looking for a professional to join our Copy Team.

Since we’ve put a lot of thought into our team and strategy, we have a list of things we expect from the people who apply for this position. One of those is to read through all of this!

A valuable addition to our team will come with one of the following professional backgrounds:

  • A linguist with a University degree in English, and verifiable experience in translation work (both oral and written), or
  • A strong copywriter with agency experience, whose English is at least B2.

If you’re a graduated linguist, here are the requirements to meet before applying:

  • University degree in English; Proficiency diploma and/or C2 certificates will also be considered
  • Experience in working with English as a foreign language (teaching or translating)
  • A portfolio of translation/proofreading/editing work — from different areas, industries, and niches
  • A solid understanding of the digital marketing world.

If, on the other hand, you’re coming from an agency background, we expect you to bring certain value to our team. The “value” includes (but is not limited to):

  • Copywriting experience in social media, ghostwriting, and editing
  • Tangible copywriting results in your previous job
  • Taking part in various workshops, seminars, and events — as a presenter
  • Recommendations and/or a portfolio.

What does our CopyTeam do? Aside from drafting this ad, here’s the job description:

  • Proofreading and editing any and all content we put out, as Point Visible or on behalf of our clients
  • Copywriting and ghostwriting, again as Point Visible or for our clients
  • Working closely with other departments on things like content briefs, editorials, various types of content, etc.
  • Managing tasks and team members, and delegating work among team members
  • Assessing and sometimes managing our associate contributors and industry experts
  • Taking part in ongoing internal education, with a strong emphasis on English
  • Being up-to-date with tools, trends, and developments in the world of English and working with text.
  • We all do other marketing work aside from Copy jobs, and you will also be expected to take part. The specific area and scope of this additional work are both negotiable.
  • You must be willing to order food for the office crew from time to time. Not pay, just order, because sometimes we are lazy.

What can you expect from Point Visible? A long and detailed onboarding program that covers all the aspects of what you’ll be doing. A cozy workplace that’s a nice-to-have because you’re also free to work remotely if that floats your boat. All the gear and tools you need to do your job efficiently, no questions asked. Mentorship from people who have been on the copy frontlines for a while, and are happy to step in and help. A chance to develop professionally, either as a copywriter or in another facet of digital marketing — along with working in our Copy Team.

And get this — everyone can expect an answer from us!

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed, tested (in written form), and then interviewed once again.

Finances are discussed during the second interview, and you are welcome to voice your own suggestions if you reach this stage of the process. The finances for this position depend on your previous experience.

If you’re still here, you’ve probably lost the thread of the text and are going through your portfolio and CV in your head. Don’t take too long: get those Docs in order and drop us an email! 

And have an opinion ready — along with argumentation — on the Oxford comma!