Case Study: Hoselink

Hoselink was founded in Australia over 20 years ago by Tim Kierath. Over the years, Tim and his incredible team have worked tirelessly to bring gardeners across Australia, and now the US, a solution to messy, unreliable hoses. Their Retractable Hose Reel eliminates hose tangles and comes with an easy unwind & rewind function.

Hoselink also offers innovative watering solutions, high-quality LED solar garden lights, and other must-have gardening supplies.


  • Home & Garden


  • Link building


  • Improve website and brand authority
  • Increase organic traffic

The challenge

Hoselink’s main goals were to increase organic traffic to their website and build a presence in the US market which they recently expanded to. The challenge was – and still is – that the product they are offering is a premium gardening supply that comes with a higher-than-average price tag. 

Furthermore, the US Hoselink domain had relatively low traffic (under 3k) and was not ranking for any relevant commercial keywords like “retractable garden hose” in the first 20 results. In other words, we had a lot of work ahead of us.

The strategy

The first step in our SEO strategy was keyword research where we analyzed which keywords Hoselink is currently ranking for and which keywords Hoslenik should be ranking for.

We identified long-tail keywords that are relevant to Hoselink’s audience. After checking the search volume and the keyword difficulty we created a list of anchors and posts to focus our link building efforts on.

With a personalized approach to editors, influencers, and bloggers, we were able to publish Hoselink’s posts on relevant niche sites and magazines, positioning them as a trustworthy brand with a high-quality product.

The results

Here are the results after less than a year of working with Point Visible, accompanied by screenshots from Ahrefs.

Hoselink quickly started to rank on the first page for brand name keywords, as well as their main commercial keyword “retractable hose garden”.

Through strategic link building we were able to boost organic website traffic from 2.7K to 8K monthly visitors – which is a growth of 196%! Since Hoselink offers seasonal products, the highest traffic was recorded in May when the website had around 16K visitors.

The monthly traffic value grew from $1.8K to $5K with the peak in the heart of the season when traffic value was estimated at almost $15K. The most valuable keywords Hoselink managed to rank on the first page were “retractable hose reel” and its variations.

TL;DR: The 60+ high-quality backlinks we built for Hoselink gave the signal that this domain is valuable, relevant, and worth sending traffic to.


Project type
Link building

Project timeframe:
10 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 2,7K to 8K = ⇑ 196%

Links built:

Average link DA:

With links from:
Earth911 (DA 80)
Nature World News (DA 71)
Dengarden (DA 65)
EatHappyProject (DA 64)
The Permaculture Research Institute (DA 61)

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