You have tried several link building agencies and you weren’t really satisfied with the results. Some of them were fine but inconsistent, some started slacking off as soon as they gained your trust, and some of them might even blatantly built links from irrelevant, spammy websites that provided you with exactly 0 value.

That is not something that happens here at Point Visible.


What we do here is build quality links from relevant sites through the combination of personalized outreach, interesting topics based on detailed target audience research, and quality content that provides useful information for its intended readers.


So if you care about your brand reputation and understand that link building can be more than just building links, read on to see why is Point Visible the right link building agency for you.

Custom outreach – NO PBNs and NO shady lists 

      Deep target audience, niche and competition research before every outreach campaign.

      Outreach is done manually through your branded email account.

      We use your preferred name for the author – which we always recommend to be a real person working for your company.

      Our process is flexible as we believe your requirements are the central point of the campaign. For example, if you want to target a specific geo area or you are only interested in sites from a specific industry, you can always discuss these custom requirements with your assigned campaign manager.

      Guest post topics are brainstormed in a way to be related to and optimized for keywords of your interest (but not overoptimized). In simpler terms, if you want to link to a specific post on your blog, we’ll make sure that the guest post ideas we pitch cover topics in which we can naturally link to your post.

 Attention to detail, not generic mass outreach 

      All sites we contact are checked for multiple criteria like:

  • relevancy (topical, geographical, demographic)

  • backlink quality (tells us a lot if the site is real or part of a PBN which we filter out)

  • organic traffic by Ahrefs

  • domain authority

  • potential suspicious history

  • overall quality

        We’ll filter out your main competitors from our prospect list, as well as any other sites you do not want to contact.

        Professional approach, as it’s OUR brand we’re taking care of.


Fighting inbox saturation with creative outreach process 

        Running both vertical and horizontal guest blogging campaigns for better coverage, especially in saturated niches.

        Continuous testing of new outreach methods and approaches through highly personalized templates based on our own research.

        Fighting content saturation through innovative content ideas.

        Keeping track of trends and using newsjacking method whenever possible and suitable. 

Focus on quality 

        No generic writers. We actively look for native English speaking copywriters with experience in YOUR industry.

        We have a rigorous internal review process which can be seen here.

        Whenever suitable, we’ll create custom teaser graphics for your posts instead of using stock images.

        We are sick of reading filler content and it is a part of our mission to give our small contribution towards making the internet a better place.


Fast and distraction-free communication 

        Every project, no matter how big or small, has a dedicated project manager that is able discussing all specifics of your campaign.

        You can choose your preferable communication channel (email, Slack, Skype or directly through the dashboard and campaign tracking tool).

        24 hour max response time; often in minutes if you are contacting us during working hours.

        Available channels with shorter max response time for potential urgent issues.


You decide how involved you want to be 

        Depending on your preferences and time schedule, you can be involved in any step you want to be. Alternatively, we can set down clear rules based on your requirements and preferences, and just send you a short update on a weekly/monthly basis.

        We’ll invite you to our project management tool where you’ll have access to all our internal tasks related to your campaign and be able to track and comment on what we do with your suggestions (if you want).

        Pre-approval available for:

  • sites we target

  • topic ideas

  • content before we send it out to editors 

Know what’s happening with your project, anytime, anywhere 

        We pride ourselves on having a fully transparent workflow.

        Real-time reports. You can track what’s going on with your campaign at any moment from anywhere.

        Full access to every email we send to anyone. As we’ll use your branded email address, you can monitor our whole communication with editors and site owners and be sure everything is going as planned.

        Full access to the up-to-date budget table where you can track your monthly budget expenditures.


Oriented on YOUR success, as it’s the only way for us to be successful too 

        No contracts. No risk. We send you invoices on a monthly basis and you stay subscribed as long as you see value for you in what we’re doing.

        We won’t take your money if you’re not happy with what you’re getting from us. If you decide that we’re not the agency for you in the middle of the campaign, we’ll even refund you the unused part of your credits.

        Forward thinking and networking. As we do outreach on your behalf, interesting opportunities can come up. We do not mind exchanging additional emails with editors to build relationships for you and explore other collaborations opportunities whenever a client is interested in that. After all, building relationships can be as important as building links.

        If we think that you are going in the wrong direction with the project, we will not hesitate to tell you that, as well as provide you with better options that are open for discussion.

        As a small proof of everything we just said, we do have a 100% positive client reviews on TrustPilot. 

Nothing worth doing comes easy 

Building quality links requires a lot of hard work. There is just no way around that. The good thing is that this is precisely how you can distinguish yourself from your competitors.


On the other hand, if you are looking for some cheap ways to build a lot of links without caring much from where they are coming from – then you should stay away as we are not a good match.


For everyone else, we urge you to contact us and see how we can help you grow. The best way to do that is by using this contact form or scheduling a call.


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