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Who we are




Senko Duras

Master of Disaster

CEO and Co-Founder

Senko Đuras

Through years of digital marketing exploration, Senko found a sweet spot of his interest in balancing between two equally challenging roles, those of an entrepreneur and a marketer. The thrill of things going well when a carefully planned marketing campaign rolls out is the high he’s constantly chasing. His leisure time is reserved for his family, friends, books, and a passion for exploration of all types of digital worlds.

Martina Stricak

Director of High Standards

CFO & Co-Founder 

Martina Stričak

Martina thinks in numbers and makes sure everything we’re passionate about at PV is sustainable and built on solid ground. She has to constantly balance between being efficiency-driven and finding those spontaneous moments of chill. Her favorite moments are adventurous walks with her daughter Nia and her dog Doogi, while HIIT workouts, hiking, books, and DIY projects occupy her remaining time slots.


Master String Holder

Head of Content & Creative Strategy

Anita Sambol Baniček

Anita is a content strategist and graphic designer here at Point Visible. She has years of experience in designing graphics for web and running social media and content marketing campaigns. She loves cooking and football.

Dario Supan

Content Whisperer

CMO & Head of Content

Dario Supan

Dario is a big picture guy that thinks LOTR is the best movie franchise ever made and that fitness is the way of life. As it so happens, he is also a Chief Marketing Officer here at Point Visible and makes sure that the content we produce aligns with the strategies we create. He has a soft spot for good memes, bad puns, and inappropriate jokes.

Josip Mlinaric

Vibe Manager

Copywriting And Client Relations

Josip Mlinarić

Josip is a devoted book worm and a movie buff, two passions that made him into the skilled wordsmith he is today. A fun-loving socialite that he is (just make sure his coffee addiction is satisfied first!), he enjoys communication and making people feel welcome and at ease – something he now uses to communicate with our client base and helps resolve any burning questions about our workflow and processes.

Nikola Banicek

The Google Sheets Guy

Internet Marketing Specialist

Nikola Baniček

Even though he is a casual and easygoing guy, Nikola does not like it when people mess with his custom-built spreadsheets. He has found his call in working with freelancers and handling the technical stuff around the office while, interestingly, working from home. His evenings are usually spent either playing video games or watching football matches and Netflix shows.


Chief Marketing Dynamo

COO & Lead Strategist

Deana Kovač

Bringing order into chaos is Deana’s thing. When she sees the opportunity for business process optimization, she’ll step in and take action. That’s why she found herself creating a new organizational structure here at Point Visible. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and singing. Also, her day just can’t start without a hot cup of coffee and yoga.


Marketing Rockstar

Campaign Lead

Petra Šestak

Petra loves (almost) everything Japanese and tries to live by its principles – make the most of what you have, see the beauty in everything, eat healthy, and try to stay relaxed under pressure. She seeks order and harmony in everything which makes her perfect for the role of campaign leader here at Point Visible. She’s a Japanese language rookie and passionate Aikidoka. You could say digital marketing is her ikigai!


Digital marketing ninja

Internet Marketing Specialist

Valentina Kolačko

Valentina found herself in the digital marketing world with a special interest in content marketing and social media. Except for digital marketing, Valentina’s interests include entrepreneurship and finance. Being one of the early risers, it’s usually a race between her and Daniel for who gets to make the office coffee reserves! When she’s not working, she’s most likely hanging out with her dog Rex or boxing.

Ida Flegaric

Adobe Guru

Graphic Designer

Ida Flegarić

Ida is the cheerful creative force here at Point Visible. She’s an Adobe guru that takes care of all our graphics and visuals, as well as a member of our social media team. She loves to take pics of us staring through the office window (quite a collection), and fill radio silence with fun remarks and random questions.


Digital & Culture Engineer

Internet Marketing Specialist

Filip Vulić

Hailing from an island in the Adriatic sea, Filip has a growing interest in content marketing and entrepreneurship. As a fan of movies, he spends quite some time watching them, as well as sports. He believes that you can never have too much chocolate and can’t imagine his life without pasta and espresso.

Danica Pajtak

Punctuation Prodigy And Director of Storytelling

Campaign Lead

Danica Pajtak

With years of experience in journalism, Danica stumbled upon the world of digital marketing – and found a real passion for it. She is an animal lover and a proud roommate of three cats. When she is not working she is somewhere in nature – mainly disc golfing or hiking. As a curious and creative individual, Danica is motivated by professional and personal development. This is why she is happy with the role in Point Visible as the Campaign Lead.


Content Overdrive & Distortion

Content Quality Control & Human Resources

Petar Babić

Petar is a language guy that peeked into digital marketing and decided to stay. He abuses his keyboard daily, making sure the content we deliver meets our high standards. When not neck-deep in letters, he plans our team activities and lies to us about the length of our hiking trips. He likes his metal black, his hardcore fast, and his coffee gentle and frothy. If wearing headphones, do not approach!


Fashionable Digital Sorceress

Internet Marketing Specialist

Anamarija Igrec

Anamarija found herself in a world of content marketing and when she is not working she is probably learning about skincare. She also likes to travel, watch tv series, and… oh, she is a ginger in every sense of the word.


The Numbers Aficionado

Internet Marketing Specialist

Dorotea Kovač

Being in Point Visible for a while now, Dorotea found her biggest passion in advertising and everything involving analytics. Besides that, she’s constantly searching for new ways of prospecting, making sure the outreach goes smoothly. When she’s not at work, you’ll probably find her searching for new food recipes. Like most of her colleagues, she loves a strong cup of coffee and has become a gym addict.


Advertising Alchemist

PPC Team Lead

Daniel Herman

Daniel is a digital marketing enthusiast obsessed with PPC and analytics. He likes to travel and explore, both nature and the magical digital world. Outside of work at Point Visible he spends time at the University teaching students, with his buddies and his dog Phoebe, who got her name from the TV show Friends. She’s his lobster!


Marketing Marauder

Business Development and Outreach

Matija Konjić

Matija is a marketing and tech enthusiast, both on and off work. He likes to get scientific about marketing, performing research on various related topics – and sharing his insights and interpretations with like-minded enthusiasts. His time off is reserved for hiking, piloting drones, and listening to classic rock records on vinyl.

Karolina Durinec

Marketing Rookie

Internet Marketing Specialist

Karolina Đurinec

After exploring the Ukrainian lifestyle, Karolina decided to return home – and PV had a key role in that decision. She is a digital marketing novice, searching for the area to specialize in (then she will hopefully ease with the questions). After work, she is either off to a nature hike with her dog Hila or starting a new travel book she is never going to finish.

Dejan Topolko

Optimizimus Prime

Internet Marketing Specialist

Dejan Topolko

Dejan loves to keep things simple and stupid when his tasks are along the same lines. When things are about to get complicated, analytics, spreadsheets, and proven procedures are his main weapon in fighting Google’s algorithms. He is a Pointer who loves to travel, head out for an evening hike or run (even on school nights), hit the gym, and bet against himself in the crypto world.

Neda Njegač

Oxford Comma Destroyer

Internet Marketing Specialist

Neda Njegač

Neda is an ex-educator and a grammar enthusiast (to put it mildly). Although her introverted side prefers reading, writing poetry, learning Spanish, and exploring trends in interior design, on the other hand, she is a passionate coach of public speaking. The one thing she enjoys the most is music – being on stage with her microphone and her guitar is the best feeling ever. The rest of her weekly energy goes to playing badminton and long bike rides. Oh, and she doesn’t like coffee.  

Monika Cindric_Junior_Graphic_Designer

creARTive Designer

Junior Graphic Designer

Monika Cindrić

Monika is a creative part of the Point Visible brain. She finds passion in creating visual stuff and she is confident in her ability to come up with interesting ideas and great designs. When she is not working on her latest projects, she might be vibing with her dog, travelling or exploring new ways to upgrade her skills.


Office Mascot


Doogi couldn’t care less about content marketing, but he’s an endless source of inspiration and joy in the office, whenever he stops by.

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