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Limble CMMS is a modern CMMS software on a mission to optimize, automate, and simplify your maintenance operations. It does that by offering a slew of powerful but easy to use features like work order management, asset management, parts inventory management, preventive maintenance scheduling, custom reports, and many more. The software is also available on Android and IOS mobile apps and supports multiple different languages.


  • Maintenance & Facility management


  • Complete content strategy
  • Content creation and promotion
  • SEO optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing


Limble was a fairly new brand in the market with established industry leaders. The challenge was to spread brand awareness and convince business leaders and maintenance managers that this company actually has a better solution. The fact that this maintenance software is actually good and has many positive reviews did make the whole process a little bit easier.






after 36 months

Before we started working on the site, the client had a blog with a few posts and did already build a few backlinks which resulted in close to 400 visitors a month. On the screenshots below, that have been taken directly from the client’s GA account and using Ahrefs, you can see how the business grew over the years:

  1. Increased monthly organic traffic (Ahrefs estimate) from  ~150 to ~13 000 = 87x
  2. Increased overall traffic from ~400 to ~38 000 = 95x
  3. The number of relevant keywords on the first page increased from ~20 to ~2 000 (over 700 in top 3 results) = 100x
  4. Increased estimated monthly traffic value from $1 000 to $50 000 = 50x
  5. Gathered more than 3 000 leads counting newsletter sign-ups
organic traffic Limble
Limble GA traffic
Limble organic keywords
Limble Ahrefs organic traffic v2

I’ve worked with Point Visible for 2 years now across a couple of projects and their personalized guest posting process and attention to detail was what convinced me they are the right choice to help me grow Limble. They worked really hard to understand our niche and create great content that actually keeps the visitors on our website. They also helped us to get featured on basically all important blogs and magazines in the industry which definitely raised Limble’s brand awareness.

We now rank on the first page for a lot of important keywords and as our customer base keeps growing every month, I’m excited to see this partnership growing as well.

Bryan Christiansen - Limble CMMS


The foundation of the whole project was quality, purposeful content. Promoting that content through guest posts on industry-leading blogs and magazines helped us to build brand awareness and to ultimately position ourselves as a trust-worthy brand.

Content strategy

Created a content strategy based on deep target audience and competition analysis with the main goal of addressing the identified challenges and pain points.

Skyscraper content

Developed and published one highly optimized skyscraper content piece each month that was based on continuous keyword research and target audience analysis.

Strategic link building

Ranked that content on the first page of search results for selected keywords by publishing high-quality guest posts on all relevant sites and magazines in the maintenance industry. This brought an exponential growth in organic traffic.

Conversion optimization

Created multiple lead magnets that targeted specific pain point which resulted in an average conversion rate of 2.8%. On top of that, we started a newsletter specifically focused on the maintenance industry that earned over 300 subscribers in under 6 months. Newsletter and lead magnets combined earned over 3000 leads by the time of writing this case study.

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