CASE STUDY: ActiveCollab


ActiveCollab is a cloud-based tool most businesses need – a powerful all-in-one project management tool that offers a lot of various features, from task management, time tracking, team collaboration, detailed reporting, to invoicing. It allows teams to include clients in the workflow, which mean easier communication, faster reporting, and increased transparency. ActiveCollab is also great for tracking progress of your projects through various views, from Gantt-like timeline to Kanban cards.


  • Project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Time management


  • Target audience analysis
  • Blogger outreach
  • Editorial link building


The team at ActiveCollab has done a tremendous job building the software, but also creating content for their own website and blog. They have gathered a nice collection of articles and infographics that provide advice for readers as well as explain main features of the tool. They wanted to share their knowledge with more people, help them with their expert advice, and increase visibility for their own website.


Increase brand awareness

Increase visibility

Increase reach

Become influencers

Point Visible has helped us increase our visibility and improve brand awareness through a well-executed outreach campaign that connected us with very respectable Media outlets and their editors. Hard work, creative ideas, dedicated account management and high level of commitment is what assured us of continuing this great working relationship through even more challenging projects in the future.

Mladen Lukić ActiveCollab


In-Depth Target Audience Research

their interests, pain points, problems, emotional triggers, what makes them stressed, what would make them relieved, etc.

In-Depth Research Of Possible Targets

for building editorials on places where ActiveCollab’s target audience naturally is

Brainstorming content ideas

and creating editorial calendar based on the results of the target audience analysis and prospect research

Providing answers and advice

with our content to the problems and pain points we identified


guest posts published


positions increase on


cups of coffee consumed


Through outreach, we’ve featured and published dozens of editorials on top-tier authoritative sites in the business and marketing niche, some of them listed below.


after 6 months

To measure the results of our outreach campaigns, we have been tracking 20 keywords related to ActiveCollab. Throughout the 6 months period, we have seen a significant improvement – more than 120 positions increase on An increase in referral traffic was visible too, among all other improvements.

By the time of writing this case study (the campaign is continuous), we’ve built a portfolio of 20 successfully published editorials – all on authoritative and relevant sites in the project management, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship niche.

Posts on sites like Entrepreneur, or Semrush helped increase brand awareness for ActiveCollab, all thanks to great pieces of content and smart brand promotion through helping their audience in resolving identified pain points.


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