Case Study: SeatUp

SeatUp is a home theater store that offers the biggest selection of top-name brands at the industry’s best prices. They have an experienced team of furniture experts that work diligently to identify and battle-test all the best-rated home theater seating models in the industry. SeatUp will only list media room seating that passes their high internal standards.


  • Home Entertainment


  • Content strategy
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Link building


  • Increase website authority and organic traffic

The challenge

When we started working with SeatUp, they had very little content on their site and were receiving virtually no organic traffic. Not surprising for a fairly new website. 

The domain authority needed to be built from the ground up so the future content they publish has a better chance of ranking high in SERPs. Luckily, home entertainment is not a particularly hard industry for link building as you can find plenty of niche blogs that cover it and there are tons of interesting topics one can write about.

Still, our execution needed to be on point as editors and bloggers are more suspicious and ready to scrutinize when working with brands they have never heard about.

The strategy

We started working with SeatUp in April 2017. The project started as a straightforward link building engagement. 

We used two link building methods:

  1. Guest posting: Finding relevant sites in the home entertainment space and submitting interesting articles their audience would enjoy. Naturally, with a link to the client’s site.
  2. Infographic republishing:  Creating an infographic for the client’s blog (example). Then reaching out to sites that might be interested in republishing it and linking to the original source. We sweetened the deal by offering to write custom intros for each site that wanted to feature it on their blog.

We did that for about six months. The domain authority was growing steadily, but the organic traffic only moved from 30 to about 300 monthly visitors.

The reason was obvious: the lack of content on the website.

We convinced the client to start investing in blog content. After keyword research and target audience analysis, we had enough information to outline a simple content strategy.

We started by publishing one or two well-researched content pieces a month and actively promoting them through link building and a little bit of PPC advertising.

This quickly became a winning approach. It only took about two months until the organic traffic started to grow exponentially.

The results

In the screenshot below, you can see the effects of 14 months of continuous work on links and content. 

When we picked up the project, the website had only 30 monthly organic users. When we ended the project, that number climbed up to 7 000.

SeatUp organic traffic

We stopped working on the campaign in September 2018, so we cannot take credit for any growth beyond that point. The props go to SeatUP’s internal team, which is doing a great job. 

The curve representing the value of the organic traffic (image below) that is coming to SeatUP’s website closely resembles the organic traffic curve (image above). While this is only an estimation, it is a sign that you are ranking for valuable commercial and transactional keywords.

SeatUp traffic value

This project stayed near and dear to our hearts because it was so much fun. You rarely get the chance to create content about top superhero movies, crazy movie snacks, and cool theater room setups — and at the same time — watch how that effort generates traffic and drives profit.


Project type
Content Marketing & Link building

Project timeframe:
14 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 30 to 7,000

Blog content pieces published:

Links built:

With links from:
Cinema Blend (DA 79)
Control4 (DA 66)
Dumb Little Man (DA 61)
Luxury Launches (DA 52)
Homezada (DA 46)

The team at Point Visible is rare in their skill and superb at what they do. What stands out most to me is their ability to not only execute their services well, but to do that and deliver content and ideas that are creatively top-notch. The creativity really sets them apart, and who needs more low-quality content out there anyway! If you want your brand to stand out and not only get results in search but also be viewed as a source of interesting and engaging communication, then you have come to the right place. Overall I could not be happier.

Bruce Tucker,
Co-founder of SeatUp

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