Case Study: Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is a cloud-based CMMS software on a mission to optimize, automate, and simplify your maintenance operations. It does that by offering a slew of powerful but easy-to-use features like work order management, asset management, parts inventory management, preventive maintenance scheduling, custom reporting, and many more. The software is available on both Android and IOS devices and supports dozens of different languages.


  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Facility Management


  • Keyword research & Content strategy
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Link building
  • Lead generation & Email marketing
  • On-page SEO


  • Increase brand trust and awareness
  • Boost website authority and organic traffic
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Become one of the market leaders

The challenge

When Limble came to us, it was a fairly new brand in the CMMS market, a market that already had long-established industry leaders. The challenge was to spread brand awareness and convince business leaders and maintenance managers that this new company actually has a better solution.

The strategy

The foundation of the whole project was high-quality educational content focused on solving real-world issues in the maintenance space. Promoting that content through interesting guest posts on industry-leading blogs and magazines helped us build brand awareness and ultimately position Limble CMMS as a trustworthy brand.

Here’s a short breakdown of how we got there:

  1. Creating a keyword-based content strategy. The content strategy was rooted in a deep target audience and competition analyses. Our main goal was to address the identified challenges and pain points that regularly trouble maintenance and facility managers.
  2. Regularly producing and publishing skyscraper content. Each month, we produced and published 3+ educational content pieces which aimed to be the best resources you can find on the web on their respective topic. 
  3. Promoting content (and the brand) through strategic link building. We were able to feature Limble on virtually all relevant sites and magazines in the maintenance industry. Through guest posting, we boosted brand awareness, built brand trust, and linked back to carefully selected posts on the Limble blog.
  4. Using practical lead magnets to generate leads. Over the years, we created a variety of different lead magnets (ROI calculator, newsletter, whitepapers, checklists, templates..) to generate hundreds of leads. 

Along the way, we also helped the Limble team fix some on-page optimization issues, improve conversion rates, and create email nurturing sequences. 

The results

When we started working on the site, back in late 2017., the client had a blog with a single-digit number of posts and a few backlinks. This accumulated around 400 total monthly visitors, half of those being organic. 

As a bootstrapped start-up, Limble started with a modest marketing budget. As their business grew, so did their marketing budget. 

Here are their results after the first 4 years of working with Point Visible:

  1. Monthly organic traffic increased from 250 to 63,000 
  2. The number of total monthly users jumped from 400 to 77,000
  3. The number of relevant keywords on the first page increased from 20 to 8,700 (over 2,300 in the top 3 results
  4. Monthly organic traffic value grew from $1,000 to a whooping $100,000

Below are screenshots from Google Analytics to back up those statements.

Let’s also add a couple of recent screenshots from Ahrefs.

This was one of those rare projects where the client listened to all of our recommendations and gave us a lot of freedom in how we approach link building and content marketing campaigns. We now work as an extension of their marketing department which is always prompt in delivering all of the materials we need to do the best job we can do.

The nature of this partnership is one of the main reasons why this project was such a success.  

To wrap things up, here is the testimonial the client gave us after the first few years of working together.

new limble cmms logo


Project type
Content Marketing & Link building

Project timeframe:
4 years

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 250 to 60K+

Blog content pieces published:
180 and counting

Links built:

With links from: (DA 90) (DA 74) (DA 75) (DA 58) (DA 63)

I’ve worked with Point Visible for over 2 years now. They worked really hard to understand our niche and create great content that actually keeps the visitors on our website. They also helped us get featured on basically all important blogs and magazines in the industry which significantly raised Limble’s brand awareness. We now rank on the first page for a lot of important keywords. As our customer base keeps growing every month, I’m excited to see this partnership growing as well.

Bryan Christiansen,
CEO and Co-founder of Limble CMMS

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