Case Study: JetFinder

JetFinder provides aircraft charters to business professionals, with a mission to maximize their time efficiency through a professional and personalized service. Private jet hire enables executives and senior management to fulfill strict schedules and complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day.

JetFinder works only with certified Air Charter Operators, whose fleets consist of modern jets such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Dassault Falcon, and others.


  • Travel
  • Luxury


  • Content audit
  • Keyword research and Content strategy
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Link building


  • Increase website and brand authority
  • Grow organic traffic

The challenge

From the moment we started working with JetFinder, the goal was to increase authority and traffic to their website. The challenge was – and still is – that the industry is very competitive and companies are willing to spend a lot of money on paid advertising. 

However, there was also an opportunity for JetFinder to offer something different to potential clients through the creation and promotion of relevant and helpful content.

The strategy

The foundation of the whole project was strategic link-building combined with SEO optimization of existing content, as well as the production of high-quality educational content focused on giving useful insights about private jet aviation. We are promoting content through guest posts on niche-relevant blogs and magazines. 

Here’s a short breakdown of the implemented strategy:

  1. Identify keywords worth fighting for. We performed a keyword research that looked at what competitors are ranking for, what the target audience is interested and, and which keywords can we realistically fight for with current website authority. 
  2. Perform content audit. The goal was to identify and remove potentially harmful content, merge pieces covering the same topic, and update content that has the potential to bring in relevant organic traffic.
  3. Create a keyword-based content strategy. Based on the previous steps, we created (and later followed-through) an editorial calendar that included rewrites and optimization of existing content, as well as the creation of new content pieces. 
  4. Promote content through strategic link building. With a personalized approach to editors, influencers, and bloggers we were able to promote carefully selected blog posts and landing pages on relevant niche sites and magazines in the luxury travel industry. 

This approach led to significant growth in organic traffic, helping position JetFinder as a trustworthy brand and acquiring new clients.

The results

Here are the results after a year of working with Point Visible, with a few screenshots to support our bold claims.

1. The combined work on improving website content quality and JetFinder’s backlinks profile boosted their monthly website organic traffic from 2.7K to 13.7K.

Naturally, that growth was facilitated by the ranking growth of specific keywords. The number of relevant keywords JetFinder now ranks in the top three results on Google increased from 47 to 173. Similarly, the number of keywords occupying spots between 4th and 10th position increased from 212 to 605.

2. Estimated monthly traffic value grew from $3.6K to $27K. Most of that comes from ranking #1 to #5 positions on Google for high-value keywords such as “private jet flight time calculator”, “private jet charter cost estimator”, “luxury private jets prices”, “private jet price list” and similar.

3. After analyzing their top-performing pages, we found that almost 80% (or 12.1K) of organic traffic is coming from the pages we created or updated.

Even we were slightly surprised how fast we were able to steal top spots in SERPs for some very competitive keywords. High-quality backlinks and smart on-page optimization focused on search intent yet again proved to be a winning combination.   

Project type
Content marketing & Link building

Project timeframe:
12 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 2,7K to 13,7K = ⇑ 510%

Blog content pieces we worked on:

Links built:

Average link DA:

With links from:
Carmen’s Luxury Travel (DA 64)
Mapping Megan (DA 54)
Luxury Travel Magazine (DA 53)
Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (DA 46)

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