Case Study: Deputy

Deputy is a staff scheduling software that helps businesses manage hourly paid and shift workers in virtually every industry. It allows managers to seamlessly dispatch employees to job sites, see real-time attendance, and handle last-minute shift changes. It incorporates a centralized communication space for generating announcements for all employees. The software allows simple navigation of wage and hour laws and can be integrated with numerous payroll platforms. 


  • HR Industry


  • Link building
  • Content creation


  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase ranking for specific product pages
  • Expand brand awareness on the U.S. market

The challenge

With offices in the UK, USA, and Australia, Deputy was already a well-established brand. Prior to working with us, they have collaborated with various agencies, with mixed success. Still, they accumulated a nice portfolio of industry-relevant articles on their website and built a fairly strong domain. 

Our job, and the ultimate goal, was to scale link building and increase ranking for specific product pages. 

Although we targeted all three markets — US, UK, and AU — the main focus was the US market.

The strategy

In order to increase organic traffic and boost the rankings of specific product pages we had to target the right sites with relevant, high-quality content.

Deputy software is used in dozens of different industries and they have a dedicated product page for each of their target industries.

In collaboration with the client, we defined the strategy — the industry we’ll focus on, and the product pages and keywords we’ll be targeting. We did that in 3-month cycles, switching focus every quarter or so.    

Global events and industry trends played a big role in the selection process. For example, during the early day of COVID-19 pandemic, we switched focus from the retail to the healthcare industry. We wrote a bunch of helpful guest posts on managing your workforce and relieving stress on the hospital floor.

The main goal was to promote product and service pages, but when the guidelines didn’t allow that, we linked to specific posts and general service pages that also needed some love to rank better.

The focus was on the US market, but we did build some links from UK and AU sites. In those cases, we linked to Deputy’s UK and AU domains to ensure maximum relevancy.

The results

Through our personalized outreach, we have been able to secure placements on major sites in the HR, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing niches. 

Through a continuous link building effort, we managed to build more than 300 links. The effect?  An increase in the overall organic traffic by approximately 30% since we started working with Deputy back in September 2019. 

And keep in mind that a part of that traffic increase was to money pages, which are optimized for keywords that do not have a huge search volume. However, what those keywords do have is an extremely valuable transactional search intent.

Deputy organic traffic Ahrefs report

If we look at the HR industry, at the moment of writing this case study (December 2022), Deputy holds the number one position on Google for the below keywords.

Looking at the retail industry, Deputy is in the first 5 searches for:

Similar results can be seen in the healthcare industry. Deputy is in the first 5 searches for:

It is nice to be able to see results even in very competitive niches where you need to constantly work on your content and backlink profile to stay on or near the top of search results.


Project type
Link building

Project timeframe:
40 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 166K to 218K = ⇑ 31%

Links built:

Average link DA:

With links from: (DA 90) (DA 80) ( DA 64) (DA 77) (DA 62)

I've been working with the Point Visible for three years and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience. In that time our SEO campaign has gone from the depths of page 3 to first-place rankings so I've been delighted with the work and the team are a pleasure to work with!

Rob Press,
Global Organic Acquisition Senior Manager at Deputy  

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