Case Study: Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel offers home and business security technology that can protect your property from crimes of all kinds. Their virtual security guards monitor your home 24/7. This ensures that any suspicious activity is identified within seconds and crime can be stopped before a potential burglar even starts breaking into your home.


  • Home Improvement
  • Home Security


  • Editorial link building & link insertions


  • Increase domain authority and traffic
  • Increase ranking for specific blog posts 
  • Boost rankings for select money pages

The challenge

Before switching to link insertions, we’ve built more than a dozen links for Deep Sentinel through guest posting. They liked our approach, but they wanted to switch to a link insertion campaign and focus on very specific keywords. 

They already had a great product and a few awesome content appearances on relevant, high-ranking sites — now was the time to scale and get their brand ranking for specific search queries.

The strategy

The whole project was focused on getting valuable backlinks from existing high-ranking content on websites in their niche. Here’s a brief overview of how we setup our link insertion strategy: 

  • Identifying linking targets: we worked with the client to identify target pages (both service pages and blog posts) and define the number of links to be built for each page.
  • Prospecting: we searched for relevant websites in the client’s niche and looked if any of their high-ranking content is topically relevant to our target pages.
  • Outreach: we reached out to sites that passed the criteria with an argument of why our resource could be a nice addition to their content and things we could do to add value to their existing content. 

We had to test out different approaches, but we were able to find a good value proposal rather quickly.

The results

In nine months total, we managed to build a total of 51 links.  

As a result, Deep sentinel now ranks first on Google for live security monitoring” and live security camera” keywords, and fourth for the live monitoring security” keyword. 

During this 7-month period, their website has seen jumps in other relevant keywords, with organic traffic growing from 7k to above 13k. Also, the overall authority of the domain has increased by 11 points, from DR 39 to DR 50!

Even though we didn’t build a huge amount of backlinks, they were all from niche-related sites and were enough to boost keyword rankings in this moderately competitive niche.

Project type
Link building

Project timeframe:
7 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 7k to 13k = ⇑ 85%

Links built:
51 links

Average backlink DA:

With links from: (DA 60) (DA 79) (DA 54) (DA 29) (DA 55)

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