Case Study: Crosslist

Crosslist is a web app that allows sellers to list and cross-list quickly on the world’s largest online marketplaces. Sellers can create their listings with the Crosslists application and then list them to all of their favorite marketplaces at once. Alternatively, they can also import existing listings to crosspost these to other marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, Tradesy, Facebook, Depop, Grailed, and Vinted.


  • Online Selling & Reselling


  • Link building
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Social media management


  • Increase brand trust and awareness
  • Boost website authority
  • Grow organic traffic

The challenge

When we started working with Crosslist, they had a brand new website and a brand new brand (don’t you just love English language). On top of that, they just changed their domain from to

The goal was to increase brand awareness and website traffic and convince sellers that Crosslist should be their go-to application for (re)selling their items on popular online marketplaces. All of that by starting from scratch.

The strategy

The foundation of the whole project was strategic link building combined with high-quality educational content focused on giving useful insights to online sellers. We promoted content across Crosslist social media channels and through guest posts on niche-relevant blogs and magazines. 

This approach helped us to significantly increase website traffic, build brand awareness, and help Crosslist to position itself as a trustworthy brand.

Here’s a short breakdown of how we got there:

  1. Content and brand promotion through strategic link building. With a personalized approach to editors, influencers, and bloggers we were able to feature Crosslist on relevant niche sites and magazines in the fashion and reselling industry. Through guest posting, we were able to boost website authority and increase brand awareness.
  2. Keyword-based content strategy. First, we conducted keyword research. Based on that, we created eight in-depth posts optimized for both online sellers and specific keywords. Supported by our awesome backlinks, Croslists posts very quickly outranked well-known competitors in the SERPs.
  3. Social media management plan. All blog content and guest posts were promoted on the client’s social media profiles. The goal was to increase reach, engagement, and traffic to the Crosslist website by following an established social media publishing calendar. After some A/B testing, short video social media posts garnered the best results.
  4. Targeted PPC campaigns. Our PPC team created a funnel for the client. Since this was a brand new domain, paid ads were a great way to start engaging with the target audience. Tracking, testing, and ads optimization were crucial. Every visual and line of copy in the add was tested to find a hero among them.

In parallel, we also helped the Crosslist team fix some on-page SEO issues and improve their CTAs to get more conversions. 

The results

Here are the results after less than a year of working with Point Visible, with screenshots that back up those statements.

We were able to build enough relevant links to great content pieces to boost website traffic from zero to 8,000 monthly visitors. The number of relevant keywords Crosslist now ranks on the first page increased from 0 to 346, with over 70 keywords in the top 3 results.

Estimated monthly traffic value grew from $0 to $9.7K. Most of that comes from ranking #1 for high-value keywords like “selling on Mercari”, “selling on Poshmark tips”, and “cross listing app”.

Here we can see the improvement in the Crosslist website authority. Domain Rating increased from 1 to 30 and Domain Authority grew from 6 to 27.

The following point is something we are especially proud of. Every blog piece we created for the Crosslist blog (marked red in the screenshot below) is ranking on the first page for targeted keyword and is among their top 10 performing pages.  Combined, they attract 6.7K of monthly visitors!

It was a tall hill to climb, but the journey to the top of SERPs for select keywords was shorter than expected. We blame our content team for that as they were able to create much better content than what was available at the time.

To wrap things up, let’s give the microphone to our client.

Project type
Content Marketing & Link building

Project timeframe:
11 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 0 to 8,000

Blog content pieces published:

Links built:

With links from:
Blufashion (DA 62)
The Fashion Tag Blog (DA 53)
Welsh Mum (DA 58)
Almost Zero Waste (DA 32)
Motherhood: The Real Deal (DA 43)

We have been working with Point Visible for the past two years and my experience has been excellent. They perform genuine, legitimate, white-hat outreach and have built top-quality links to our website, which has resulted in a significant traffic and sales increase. In addition to that, they've also written some excellent pieces for our blog. Also, a shoutout to Danica and Daniel, our account managers, who have been extremely communicative and helpful throughout our link-building process.

Gilles Couvreur,
Founder of Crosslist

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