Case Study: Bookwell

Bookwell is a leading Australian platform for online booking of beauty, wellness, and alternative therapy treatments. On one side, there are venues able to grow their business through Bookwell’s software — save time and spend less money attracting customers. On the other side are customers, able to compare reviews, prices, and availability of different beauty salons before booking their appointment.


  • Beauty & Wellness


  • Link building


  • Increase organic traffic

The challenge

Since Bokwell is listing only local venues, our focus was solely on the Australian beauty and wellness industry. However, finding relevant websites took a lot of work as the beauty industry in Australia is relatively small and highly competitive.

Another challenge we stumbled upon was the high number of sponsored offers which we (in most cases) had to reject — leading to a further reduction of the available sites.

Despite all of this, we remained determined to acquire links from highly relevant and quality local websites.

The strategy

Initially, we focused on building links to the homepage and hairdressing-related service pages. When it became hard to find relevant websites to reach out to, it was time to switch to a different category. 

We expanded to other beauty-related service pages focusing on nails, brows, and lashes. When that was exhausted as well, we switched our link-building efforts toward alternative therapy and massage service pages.

This way, we covered most of the beauty-related blogs and news magazines in Australia. 

Finding relevant, local sites in the industry was easy at first — we got featured on top-tier sites like and, among others. However, towards the end of the campaign, we had to go beyond the Land Down Under. 

In agreement with the client, we switched our strategy a started pitching to niche-relevant US sites that were attracting a specific volume of Australian audience.

The results

Through personalized outreach, we managed to build around 60 links on Australian sites within the beauty and wellness industry. After investing six months of consistent effort, the organic traffic soared from 26K to 59K — an impressive 126%.

bookwell organic traffic graph

Although our work was only one portion of Bookwell’s larger marketing efforts, highly-relevant links played an important role in achieving these results.



Project type
Link building

Project timeframe:
6 months

Monthly organic traffic growth:
From 26K to 59K = ⇑ 126%

Links built:

Average link DA:

With links from: (DA 52) (DA 55) (DA 66) (DA 50) (DA 45)

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