How You Should Use Social Media For Promotion In 2017

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Trends in the social media arena change at a lightning speed. With platforms updating their features, new apps coming up and networks growing, it changes the way we use and look at social media. Because of that, it can be difficult to decide which direction to lean on when planning for marketing in such an evolving environment. Nevertheless, 2017 just appeared around the corner and you must have a marketing plan for your business. Which social media trends should influence your decision this time?

Here are some of the developments that will shape social media promotion in 2017.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming began with Meerkat, then came Facebook, and Youtube is about to launch its Youtube Live feature. This meteoric rise could be because of the reception live videos have enjoyed from viewers. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s Q&A live stream with Jerry Seinfeld has already garnered 9.9 million views in 5 months!

Facebook live

Today, not many brands have embraced this new feature. However, given the potential of popularity live-streaming presents, any brand would want to enjoy such exposure the coming year. What are some of the ways you can use live video streaming?

  • Go live with your product launch: you invite your followers to be part of such an important function even when they are far. This not only triggers their curiosity about the new product but also fascinates them. They also get a real demo of how the product works, or so. It will feel like they are experiencing the demo or the function firsthand.
  • Hold a live interview with a person of interest: who isn’t curious about the intimate details of a celebrity? Representatives of your target businesses are likely to want to catch up with such an interview.

Such live feeds are an interesting way to show your clients the human side of your brand. It also shows authenticity and can reinforce trust with your brand followers.

Leveraging Twitter Moments

Twitter may be experiencing a slack growth, but still ranks better than Linkedin and Pinterest in terms of daily use. Besides, there has been momentous changes this 2016 which could boost the perception marketers have about the platform. The latest algorithm, timeline changes, and Twitter Moments could play well with influencers and brands who want to engage their followers through tweets or story-telling.

twitter moments

Why is Twitter Moments a hot catch for B2B marketers? People love to read stories, especially, if they are about something they can identify with. Twitter moments can be a good way to promote events, make important announcements about your brand, and so forth.

How can you leverage Twitter moments?

When creating your story, include any influencer tweets touching on your business. Celebrities and industry experts tend to attract a huge following within a short time. Also, use simple visuals for the images or video tweets and make the stories short. Create a clear narrative which is easy to understand and follow.

Strengthening Social Media Client Support to Offer Real-time Engagement

This is because those people who connect with a brand through social media expect responses to their questions or concerns immediately. According to Search Engine Watch report, 72 % of Twitter subscribers want the brands they follow to respond to their concerns within an hour.

To meet such demands, businesses are now focusing on implementing effective client support programs. This will see them come up with social media teams that do not just post what the brand wants its followers to see, but also, act promptly to solve any client issues.  With such a trend, and as social networking continues to grow, it is likely that client service and support will fully shift into social media accounts in the near future.

Making Analytics-based Decisions

Come 2017, B2B businesses don’t have to take a trial and error approach when promoting through social media. The platforms have come up with powerful tools for marketers to track the performance of their marketing efforts. One can measure almost anything, from the amount of traffic, its sources, to bounce rate and more, easily using such tools. Some can even provide real-time data. With this kind of development, defining a social marketing strategy is likely to consider past statistics and Analytics to determine which platforms to use or what marketing methods to focus on.

Using Videos

Visual content triggers human interaction beyond texts. In 2016, there has been increased growth in videos. According to online visitors spend 1/3 of their time viewing videos. Going by eMarketer’s report, businesses will double their budget on video marketing each year till 2020. Videos are not only interactive but also memorable.

Also, video content has the potential to drive higher traffic than images and texts combined by 1,200%. In this case, both live and traditional videos are something to eye for through 2017 and beyond. Just like with live streaming, here some ways you can use videos in 2017 to draw the attention of followers to your brand;

  • Take your viewers on a virtual tour of your facility to get an idea of where their favorite products come from.
  • Prepare a screencast showing how a software works to help consumers understand what’s happening to their data when they purchase your
  • Create videos showing how to fix some of the FAQs your consumers have about your service or product.

Social networking has witnessed immense growth in the past decade. This trend is not likely to change in 2017. In fact, it’s predicted that social network users will increase by 8% in 2017. This will bring the number of users to 2.39 billion. This is a clear indicator that B2B business cannot just ignore social media as a mode of creating brand awareness and sourcing market for their services or products.

  1. Jessica Rousey 5 years ago

    Live video streaming is pretty interesting. I do agree that this feature is somehow overlooked, I would say that this feature is very underrated. Thanks for posting! It was a great read!


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