The Collateral Wins Of Our Link Building Campaigns

Let’s start things out with a simple assumption – great outreach campaigns should not be only about link building.

Don’t get me wrong, we are aware how important and beneficial it is to sit comfortably one mouse scroll away from the first search result. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile and open the door for future collaborations that reach far beyond a casual guest contribution.

Over the years, we had a privilege to be a middle-man and connect many different brands together that exchanged more value than “just links and content”.

The main reason how we were able to do that was by ensuring that every single element of our outreach process is at a formidable level. That means in-depth target audience analysis, meticulous prospecting, great pitches paired with perfect topic matching, valuable content, and engaging communication with editors and content managers.

Getting all of these elements right paints an important (and often overlooked) picture – you as a professional, trustworthy brand that isn’t here just to provide filler content in exchange for a couple of keyword-rich anchors.   

All that aside, everything always starts with a great pitch.

Where can it go from there? Read below.

Developing All Kinds Of Partnerships

We’re not going to pretend otherwise – creating new partnerships feels awesome for multiple reasons.

One is, of course, showing the clients how successful outreach campaigns can bring in an added value that doesn’t stop the day your guest contribution goes live.

The second reason is that this is a good sign that the campaign is moving in the right direction. It means that we are reaching out to the right websites and that the whole negotiation process and content quality are good enough for someone to be interested in a potential partnership.

And there is a whole bunch of different partnership requests that can pop up.

We witnessed requests from websites that wanted to become an affiliate, were invited to collaborate on a bigger piece of content (example below), offered to exchange value through mutual recommendations to respective audiences and more.

Future collaboration exampleAs you can see, Facebook isn’t the only way to make friends over the internet 🙂    

Becoming Regular Contributors On Top-tier Websites

This is something that we are especially proud of as it proves that the content we’re sending away is not only good enough to be published but it is actually good enough to earn us an invite to contribute content on a regular basis.

Now, if your only concern is getting your anchor link, this might not sound appealing at first. The main reason for that is the notion of diminishing returns that says how every subsequent link from the same root domain brings less link juice.

There is a lot of debate on that topic with no clear resolution. The current consensus is that a first couple of links are significantly “stronger” than the rest.

So, why would you be interested in becoming a regulator contributor?

Being regular contributor on top-tier websitesHere is the catch. Having multiple links from the same domain but different pages can still help you improve the ranking of your select internal pages as you won’t link to the same exact page in your every guest post.

Let’s apply some common reasoning on top of that. Do you really believe that having 20 links from 20 different but irrelevant domains is worth more than having 6 links from 3 high-authority sites in your niche? If you were in Google’s shoes, what would you take as a better sign of authority?

Additionally, top-tier sites like SEMRush or Entrepreneur will nofollow all your links so you won’t get much of an SEO value from guest posting there anyway. Despite that, we never had a client that refused being featured over there.

If you still don’t know why, here are some undisputed benefits of being a regular contributor on top-tier websites:

  • building brand reputation, trust, and authority
  • developing a unique voice in the industry through thought-leadership articles
  • getting constant referral traffic
  • making useful connections
  • earning loyal followers

Besides everything stated, this can also be a great way to promote your other content pieces as those sites would be more inclined to (re)share posts from your own blog on their social channels.

Before we move on, I wanted to mention something that might be slightly off-topic but interesting enough to deserve a shout out.

One time we had an editor that reached out to our client (on the email we were managing for the outreach) in which he mentioned that he read some of our past guest posts and was wondering if we would be interested in contributing to his blog.

It still holds the trophy for the easiest placement we ever made 🙂

Earning Future Recommendations

Outreach campaigns are a great way to raise the awareness about your brand or service, especially if you are a startup or a small business that is still looking to find your place under the marketing sun.

Whenever a respectable site in your niche recommends you in any way (and you didn’t offer them any incentives to do it), it is a cause for celebration.

Here is an example.

future recommendation exampleGetting on resource lists is usually a campaign for itself and here we accomplished that alongside guest posting with proper communication (and representing a great product if we may say so).

Being mentioned in other articles and finding our clients on different resource lists is a big collateral win for any of our outreach campaigns.

In the end, it all comes down to your goals.

If you’re only goal is to get as many links as possible, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re publishing content on relevant sites (if that isn’t the case, be sure to still keep a clean backlink profile).

However, that isn’t our vision of what the link building process should be, especially since we proved that it can be so much more.


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