Step Up Your Conversion Game - Is Your Website Properly Optimized?

This is an infographic republish – thank you for sharing, Salesforce!

How well do you know your website? Sure, you probably know what broad pages you have and how the site is structured. You may have a plan for content development, one that maximizes the integration of social media posts for example, or times itself to a product development or events held by your company.

But those numbers are just the basics. How much time have you spent really figuring out how your actions on your website prompt (or don’t prompt) your customers to do (or not do) a certain action? What factors are you analyzing, and how are you making use of that data to have a more nimble web presence?

In a nutshell, that’s called conversion rate optimization—when you take a hard look at the various things that you want customers to do and find out if they are doing them. Many people might think that “action” is just a sale, but it’s more than that. It might be signing up for an email newsletter or watching a video, for example. It can be anything you want it to be.

Why do so many people ignore a deeper dive into their website?

It could be they don’t understand the value (or the savings) of a return or converted customer: It costs just $1 to convert someone but $92 to acquire them. And that conversion can be as simple as turning an email-only customer into an actual customer that orders something—not just receives a newsletter.

But to get at the heart of what’s changing those wanna-be customers into actual customers, you have to get at the heart of what’s really working in your tech-focused efforts. It may be a copy with a particular style, a design that appeals to a certain effort, or even outreach that happens at certain times of the week.

Also, you may not be providing the right kind of information, which can hamper sales efforts, or you completely disregarded mobile responsiveness.

There are so many data points that can be taken into account. So how do you start sorting through them and start moving forward with a website that works, every second of every day? This graphic provides a good introduction to the topic along with some tips to get you started on the right track.


Step up your conversion gameVia Salesforce


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