February 1, 2018
Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
Guest Contributor

The world of content marketing is constantly changing with new trends emerging every year. One of the trends which is taking the center stage this year is video content.

The past year has proved that video marketing has been successful in drawing a lot of traffic. Taking that into account, we can presume that investments into producing video content will continue to rise as quality video production enters the stage as one of the key ingredients for a successful marketing strategy.

If we talk about videos for marketing, it has been evident within the past years that people love video content – be it guides, discussions, reviews, testimonial videos or something else.

According to this survey, 73% of the consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Another interesting fact that has also been recorded is that videos have proven to be favorable in gaining people’s trust. Apart from this, the trends show how a proper use of videos in marketing can improve your conversion rates and subsequently your sales. Hence, we can say that including video marketing in business promotions is an excellent choice in 2018.

And remember – content quality still holds the key!

If you decide to invest in video production, you need to ensure that you are developing high-quality content. You don’t want your visitors to quickly ditch you and move to the next video on their playlist.

The team at Filmora has made efforts and delivered this detailed infographic which contains essential tips on how to use videos in social media marketing. Get going, explore the tips and make 2018 prosperous for you and your business!

Video marketing tips for small business in 2017

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Guest Contributor
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