Round Up: What Have Content Marketers Been Reading In 2016

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End of a year and beginning of new one is always the same – round up posts, predictions for the new year and slowly going back to form after the holiday season. It’s the same here at Point Visible.

We already took a look back at our year and what we learned in guest posting campaigns, and we tried to predict what will 2017 bring in content marketing. This week we’re going easy by looking back at most shared articles in Content Marketing niche.

There are various topics that marketers discussed and shared in 2016, mostly focused on creating even better content than before, and getting those shares and likes we all want.

The most shared articles were found using the always great app BuzzSumo.

Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong

by Samuel Scott on TechCrunch

A lot of people love these types of articles, when you are told something you might think is right, is actually wrong and you should change your mind. In fact, this article, posted in April, got almost 28,000 shares all over social media.

It talks about oh-so-popular buzzwords in marketing that many marketers don’t really understand, and suggests to everyone trying to accomplish amazing results in a short period of time to read some Marketing 101 books, take quick look at the history and learn from other’s mistakes.

It’s true, anyone wanting to create a brand these days wants to see results as fast as possible, and not just any results but amazing ones. It’s not easy to build a brand and do good marketing campaigns so Samuel Scott suggests going back to basics and to remain skeptical.

Whenever marketers claim that “everything has changed” or that something is “dead” or that some new buzzword “is the future of marketing,” ask for evidence. Make them cite their sources and explain their reasoning.

Most of the time, they are just full of it.


8 Trends That Will Shape Content Marketing in 2017

by Brian Sutter on Forbes

The predictions for the upcoming year are always among the most popular articles, and this is the perfect proof. Brian Sutter takes a look at trends in content marketing during past year or so and suggest how they will influence the content marketing in the new year.

It’s a really interesting concept and definitely not something you’ll see on 10 other sites. Learning from statistics and implementing them in your content marketing campaigns is probably the best thing you can do.

The article lists several different tips and areas you should focus on and it’s a really valuable read that got over 26,000 shares.

How Much Do People Trust Your Content?

by Brian Sutter on Forbes

I don’t know about you, but these days I triple check anything I read online that sounds a bit “too good/bad to be true”, and many of my friends and colleagues do the same.

So, what makes a source credible and why would your readers trust your content? Brian Sutter lists some really good tips for how to make your content more credible, and you should probably trust him because this is his 2nd article among top shared ones – and he has a few more on this list.

Stop Trying to Sound Smart When You’re Writing

by Liane Davey on

A title with a similar idea as the first one on the list – you’re doing something wrong that you thought was good and you should do something else. This one got over 21,000 shares, which is a lot when you see the category is “Business Writing” and not general content marketing.

My favorite quote, and something many forget when they write – especially for business sites:

How do you make your content great? Before crafting a single sentence, you determine the purpose and desired outcome of your communication. You go beyond the facts and information you’re transmitting and push yourself to clarify what you want your audience to think, to feel, and to do after they’ve read your message.

Liane Davey suggest several different things to check in your article to see if you are sounding “too smart”, like replacing fancy words or paying attention to bullet points and how they are formulated. Very handy article not only for business writers but for us all.


These Marketers, Content Producers, and Entertainers Under 40 Are Shaping the Industry: Meet Adweek’s Young Influentials for 2016

by Adweek Staff on

Everyone loves a list of influencers! Influencer marketing has been growing constantly and is definitely something to try in 2017, if you haven’t already.

Adweek, one of the leading sites in advertising, listed several young influential people in media at the moment, from actors over social media influencers to CEOs.

The list is filled with amazing young people that anyone into marketing can learn from and get inspired. Definitely worth a look, as a slightly lighter read than articles above.

6 Steps to Content That Is Easily Shared

by Brian Sutter on

It’s Brian again 😀 Since this is his 3rd article on the list, and this one got almost 19,000 shares, you have to check out his steps for shareable content – he knows how to write it!

I do admit some of these tips are fairly logical and “basic” but, as it was mentioned in the first article on this list, it’s not a bad idea to go back to basics when it comes to content marketing.

Write useful content, use lots of images,  and don’t forget to enable sharing with plugins and asking people to share.

How to Use Interactive Content For Killer Results

by Brian Sutter on

I promise, this is the last article from Brian Sutter on this list! What can I say, man really knows how to write good, shareable content. This one got over 17,000 shares on social media.

Interactive content is something brands and sites with a larger following but without a lot of interactions should try. Posting plain articles or images is not a bad thing but people sometimes want more.

Brian suggests different types of creative content, from simple Twitter Polls to more elaborate interactive infographics that have been getting more and more popular lately.


7 Powerful Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241% in 8 Months

by Scott Tousley on

Case studies and real-life examples are definitely some of the most popular articles – as it’s proven with this one getting almost 14,000 shares.

It’s a long article with lots of images and graphs that illustrate how Buffer experimented with social media and what worked the best for them.

They suggest several different things you can try on your own blog to get more interactions and shares. From already mentioned influencer marketing that seriously boosts shares, to creating catchy titles – they have the numbers and real examples. One for the bookmarks, if I  might add.

2016 has been filled with lots of useful and interesting articles, and we covered only the most popular ones here. Did we miss any? Feel free to share with us your own favorites from 2016, either in comments below or on our social media sites listed in the footer.


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    Awesome piece Anita! Thanks for sharing these tips! However, I want to know do you have specific social media platforms that you think work best in sharing/promoting your content?

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