5 Big Social Media Trends You Need To Follow In 2018
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Thanks to Alexe Chasanov for writing this guest post.

This should be your mantra when searching for a marketing tactic: you should look for a channel where your target audience spends time the most. You don’t need to look much further as social media is the place to market your business and can bring real and measurable value to your organization.

Live videos, paid e-commerce ads, Instagram. These were the trends in social media marketing throughout 2017. But trends constantly change — what you knew yesterday may be outdated today. You need to stay on top of these trends if you want your social media marketing plan to reap the full benefits this marketing approach can provide.

Here are five social media trends to expect in 2018.

Video – The Present And The Future King

Social media presence based on status updates, photos, and shared links is long gone as the strong base of your business social media presence. Businesses nowadays are using a more personal means of communication to their target audience – and that is through videos.

Incorporating personal videos into your marketing strategy helps you shun the faceless and generic communication with your audience. HubSpot’s video marketing infographic states that 43% of people enjoy watching video content from marketers and 51.9% marketing professionals consider video as the content type with the best return on investment (ROI) potential.

Therefore, due to its increasing popularity, videos are expected to pop-up even more next year.

Businesses have an eclectic array of choices to discover and implement into their social media marketing campaigns. For example, live streaming videos have been very popular in 2017 and next year their popularity is bound to increase even more. At this point, you can start a live video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites where your target audience is.

Basically, producing and uploading video content in multiple formats on a regular basis is the hottest social media technique to adopt in 2018.

Influencer Marketing Is Still Going Strong

Social media influencers are expected to take over social media in 2018 as more and more companies are realizing the significance of this marketing tactic as a form of non-invasive product or service promotion.

Influencer-marketingSo, if you are still not convinced whether you should try influencer marketing, here are some statistics that can help you make the right decision:

  • 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers have more confidence on influencer opinions more than “regular” celebrities
  • 86% of women go to social media before purchasing something
  • 32% of US-based influencers say Facebook is the best platform while 24% think Instagram should have the top priority
  • 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a reference from social media

That’s why in 2018, businesses should focus on establishing meaningful relationships and rapport with social media influencers, setting defined objectives, and carefully choosing an influencer who meets your requirements and needs.

Twitter Remains In Hot Water

When we are bombarded with so many thoughts, when we need to express our emotions, or when we want to engage in meaningful discussions, Twitter is the platform we commonly resort to. And it also plays an important role in social media marketing.

However, in 2017, marketing on Twitter is somewhat lagging behind Facebook and Instagram due to multiple reasons. Twitter has essentially failed to generate more followers compared to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Add the fact that it has also lost access to streaming NFL games.

This negative trend is no longer expected to continue in 2018 as some changes in this platform are bound to happen. Possible changes could include selling the platform to private investors, including a sort of prescription feature, and boosting advertising options. Change is coming to Twitter, so watch out for this social media channel and take precautionary steps before you start promoting in 2018.

Social Media Messaging Taking The Stage, Ousting Apps

Another important advice for businesses in 2018 is to step out of their comfort zone and focus on stepping up their game on messaging apps. Messaging apps deserve their own status as a type of social media channel with an active base of more than 2.5 billion users around the globe.

That is the main reason why it is now wiser for companies to invest more time and finances in interaction with consumers via messaging apps. One of the messaging app’s features is a chatbot that enables businesses to offer a more personalized shopping experience on FB messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Chatbots are a computer program that doesn’t need another app or service to operate. Businesses can now get more personal as chatbots can be implemented in social media messengers available worldwide. One good example of social chatbot use is through Facebook; now you can simply interact with these chatbots to deliver information that is important for your users.

Chatbots use deep learning to understand how users interact, and they are programmed with a “flowchart” that helps them solve an inquiry. Now your customer service can handle more complex problems rather than just copy-pasting their response on how to order via your website.

ChatbotsChatbots aren’t just a fancy feature for your business, they are also useful for your business to carry out tasks that can be easily automated. Large businesses have made it possible to send an order through a chatbot, thus eliminating the need to actually visit their website.

Indeed, chatbots have transformed how businesses interact with their customers — now on a more personal level.

Generation Z Is Emerging

Generation Z (the oldest members are 22 years old now) is considered to be more valuable to businesses than millennials. So what does this mean for social media trends in 2018?

The members of the Generation Z are about to enter the labor force so clearly, they will hold the greater building power. Since most businesses have already acknowledged this, they are adapting their marketing strategies to appeal to this particular generation.

2018 is a few weeks away, so it’s about time to reassess your business social media tactic to greatly exploit marketing results. Next year, we can presume to see major changes on many social media platforms for you to employ an excellent marketing strategy that will improve user experience and appeal to the younger population.

Keep up with these trends to achieve your marketing goals next year!


Alexe Chasanov

Alexe is an online marketing community specialist in California. She also works as a consultant for a start-up company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves writing about social media trends here and there, and on her free time, she loves outdoor sports and martial arts.

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